Basics of the Crown Chakra 🤍

Crown :crown: Chakra :white_heart:


Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara

  • Thousand Petaled

Physical Location: At the top & center of your head

Crown :crown: Chakra on Earth :earth_asia: Location: Mount Kailash, 22,000 ft mountain in Tibet. It’s considered the Crowned Gem of the Himalayas. Often known as the top of the world, it is also the holiest peak in the entire range.

Pituitary Gland: Hypothalamus

Organs/Regions: Brain stem, Top of the Spinal Cord, Pain Center & Nerves, Muscular System, Physical System, Skin, Cerebral Cortex, Central Nervous System

Element: Divine Consciousness, Thought

Mantra: Silence or Chanting OM (Aummm)

Color: White/Violet/Gold

Metal: Gold

Crystals: Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Amethyst, Labradorite, Moonstone, Selenite, Kunzite

Essential Oils/Incense: Rosewood, Lotus Flower, Peppermint

Meditation: for the Crown :crown: Chakra is a good way to connect with this Chakra :person_in_lotus_position:


Image Representation: a circle, 1000 petals

Senses: Consciousness

Deity(ies): Shiva, Saraswati, Buddha

Planets: Jupiter :astrology_jupiter: / Uranus :astrology_uranus:


Food: Organic & Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Brown Rice, Brown Bread :bread: , Robust Broths, Eggplant :eggplant:, Red Grapes :grapes:, Ginger Spice, Herbal Teas :tea:

Through the ages of 43 & 49 however, it develops over your lifetime, the Crown Chakra is becoming activated with spirituality. It has the capacity to control the flow of energy across the whole subtle body, much like the pituitary gland regulates hormones & their release throughout the nervous system. We are ever evolving & advancing so each new generation helps to open the gateway to higher consciousness.

The Crown Chakra controls the parts of your brain & the entire nervous system. Its critical juncture is that it is responsible for your physical, emotional, & spiritual self. It’s the center for ultimate realization. Forming connections with the formless as lifted higher into limitlessness & communion with elevated states of consciousness.

Imbalanced or Blocked Crown Chakra

You may feel a little unsteady. Spend time thinking about the environment around you while working with crown chakra to divert your focus away from yourself.


  • Lack Empathy
  • Apathy
  • Feeling of Elitism
  • Superiority
  • Disconnected with Body & Earthly matters


  • Greediness
  • Unavailability of Inspiration
  • Mental Fog
  • Materialistic Approach


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This is wonderful information, thank you!

I can’t help feel like I was meant to find this information right now. This is the area of my body currently under threat from the cancer I’m battling and I am hearing a lot of messages in here about how to continue on the war front — a lot that I’ve already been doing just by following the things that naturally draw me to them!

Thank you again, and may your crown chakra also be strengthened and balanced!


I sometimes get nasty headaches at the top of my head- I think the next time one appears I’ll see if some Crown Chakra work and a focused meditation can help to mitigate whatever is going on. Certainly worth a shot!

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, Siofra! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :white_heart:


You finished! Congratulations! Here is the last playlist:


@Susurrus , now Chakras are right up my alley! I love this and use this in my practice - I think this practice is one of the key reasons I’m here - on this planet still today.

I once had someone ask me in a snarky voice if I thought all of my witchy voodoo (I don’t even practice voodoo), was helping me since I’m sick again and have stage 4 endometrial cancer and have a second recurrence of breast cancer — the nerve…. However, it did make me think.

I think that the most rare form of endometrial cancer diagnosed at 20 years old, and I’ve had it recur 6 times, had over 12 surgeries, and now have stage 4 along with fighting stage 3 breast cancer for the second time is shocking — What I told her as my answer is that I was supposed to die but I didn’t. Only 4% of the women who get the type of cancer I got at 20 years old lived. I am that 4%. Of that 4%, less than 1% have had it recur and live past 10 years. I am 56, 57 on Aug 20. I’m the girl who lived. Gosh, I wonder why!!!:magic_wand::butterfly::candle::dog:
India, Ayurvedic teachings and treatment, the love of family and friends and my dog, and CHAKRA healing weekly along with acupuncture and all my witchy spells did it. Hoooya!

Yes, I’m sick…. living sick, living with pain, living with anxiety - But I am pounding down each recurrence and my illnesses like a whack a mole and I can do this all day lol…. I AM LIVING. I got to see my kids grow up, all but 1 has graduated from high school and 4 have now graduated from college, all have jobs, significant others and I intend to be at the first wedding next year. Bald or not. LIVE, LIFE, LOVE. :purple_heart:


PS, I’m all out of love so I couldn’t heart your post @Susurrus —- but if I could I’d heart it bunches!!! :heart::purple_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::black_heart::white_heart::brown_heart::yellow_heart::sparkling_heart:


That is quite alright, I appreciate your story!

I recently, well, within the last maybe, 6 months, embraced Chakras but it was actually my Crystal Healing courses that piqued my interest into them. I feel like working with my Chakra Energy centers has helped me develop where I am today & be able to move forward without clinging to the past so much. Life has so much to offer & I’m finding my groove.

You are doing great! You are definitely a fighter & you will make it to that wedding! I’m so happy that you have made it through some of the scariest hurdles that have been given to you & you come out on top each time. This is no different. You will succeed again & be able to enjoy weddings & everything else that is going to happen over the years with your family.


I did a lot of yoga to help me connect to my inner wisdom. I just wanted to let you know I like connecting to the soul. When I get on the Matt it’s important to me to stay grounded, and to strengthen my my body and soul.
I am grateful for this challenge!