Crowns? Do you have one?

Do you wear a crown during rituals?? If not why not? If so what kind? I ordered one, I heard it will help with connecting…;your thoughts??

I’ve seen a few beautiful handmade crystal crowns on Etsy, but they’re typically very expensive. Sounds like it would be perfect for wearing at festivals or for a ritual at home!

Here’s an interesting ritual with a crown I found online:


This is a simple exercise in cultivating a conscious relationship with one’s own deeper, divine nature. It is best repeated daily in order to become familiar with the resultant state of awareness.

Items needed:

  • A black “Star Goddess” candle
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A crown made of any material (optional)

Begin by performing a grounding and centering exercise, such as the Faery “Soul Alignment” or another of your choosing. Imagine yourself as a great tree that spans all the worlds: your roots deep in the Underworld… your branches high up in the starry Overworld… and your trunk bridging and mediating these two presences through the Middleworld.

Take a deep breath and imagine stepping backward , now seeing this ancient Faery Tree standing tall before you. Imagine that it is shining as if with an inner flame… and that this is one and the same as the flame of your own divinity, which now blazes within you. Focusing on this inner flame, light the Star Goddess candle, feeling how the flame of the candle, the flame of the tree, and the flame within you are all one and the same. Say,

“Holy Mother,
In You we live, move, and have our being.
From You all things emerge.
And unto You all tings return.”

Continued here:

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Beautiful, I copied it for my Grimoire… I bought my crown on Wish… $14 we will see when I get it, what it is like, the reviews were good. I also saw them on Amazon for less than $25…I will do this ritual for my crown when I get her. thank you!

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