Crowns? Do you have one?

Do you wear a crown during rituals?? If not why not? If so what kind? I ordered one, I heard it will help with connecting…;your thoughts??


I’ve seen a few beautiful handmade crystal crowns on Etsy, but they’re typically very expensive. Sounds like it would be perfect for wearing at festivals or for a ritual at home!

Here’s an interesting ritual with a crown I found online:


This is a simple exercise in cultivating a conscious relationship with one’s own deeper, divine nature. It is best repeated daily in order to become familiar with the resultant state of awareness.

Items needed:

  • A black “Star Goddess” candle
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A crown made of any material (optional)

Begin by performing a grounding and centering exercise, such as the Faery “Soul Alignment” or another of your choosing. Imagine yourself as a great tree that spans all the worlds: your roots deep in the Underworld… your branches high up in the starry Overworld… and your trunk bridging and mediating these two presences through the Middleworld.

Take a deep breath and imagine stepping backward , now seeing this ancient Faery Tree standing tall before you. Imagine that it is shining as if with an inner flame… and that this is one and the same as the flame of your own divinity, which now blazes within you. Focusing on this inner flame, light the Star Goddess candle, feeling how the flame of the candle, the flame of the tree, and the flame within you are all one and the same. Say,

“Holy Mother,
In You we live, move, and have our being.
From You all things emerge.
And unto You all tings return.”

Continued here:


Beautiful, I copied it for my Grimoire… I bought my crown on Wish… $14 we will see when I get it, what it is like, the reviews were good. I also saw them on Amazon for less than $25…I will do this ritual for my crown when I get her. thank you!


Crowns- is a interesting topic…
I sort of understand.
I understand that at the top of the “tree of life” is a crown.

I heard that the witches hat, some how stands for the “tree of life” - but I really do not understand that??

It seems like the idea if a crown is to focus and or work like midevil antenna…?

I know a witch who tatooed on her wrist a crown. She not very friendly …so I never asked her what it means?? Can a tattoo work like a sidual on her to give her more power? Can it be like where in a crown??

You said, what EVER the crown is made of is optional. Does a tattoo count? I the magical working you were speaking of?

I know it’s all about her intentions…that the “simple” answer around here…but that does not help me learn.

Also I know about the " Celtic tree of life" is widely thought as the door to the underworld…BUT does that mean that the witches hat is or can be a door to the underworld??? Or that a crown is that??? Or part of the underworld contacting??

Trying to get some ideas put together

Could use answers/ideas here.
Thank you


Hats were always a connection to the stars. There were ancient priests in the Late Bronze Age that wore similar hats: :mage:

From Berlin Gold Hat

The Witch hat could be connected to the Phrygian cap:

Hecate was often depicted wearing the Phrygian cap (one of her three aspects)

And then there’s the connection to the crown chakra. From the book A Handbook of Chakra Healing By Kalashatra Govinda:

The crown chakra connects humanity to the oneness of being. Here rests pure awareness untained by any duality: cosmic consciousness. The full unfolding of this chakra signifies the state known as enlightenment.

The crown chakra does not have a corresponding element, since its energy lies wholly outside of the material world. Its activation will open one’s perception of that which lies beyond the grasp of the senses. All religious and spiritual experiences are mediated by the crown chakra.


What a HAT! GOLD to boot!

Francisco - Thank you for responding to my post.

So crown help meditation to get deities?
And collect star energy?

What a history lesson here!


Yes, I would encourage you to wear a crown when meditating or practicing in solitary. :crown: Any type of head covering can provide you with a sense of stability, internal strength, protection, and deep self nourishment.

The crown is very empowering because it is a symbol of rulership and authority. Kings in Europe were thought to be the divinely chosen rulers of their lands.

I would be careful, however, if you practice with others because the crown could send the wrong message to those around you regarding power dynamics.


Interesting. I made a simple crown with apophyllite crystal. It is not fancy, but it is very powerful. I use it when I meditate so it can help me connect deeper with myself. I have research different crowns, but they make me feel weird. I appreciate the information. I learned a lot today. :grin:


You’re welcome!! You made me interested in getting a crown for myself too!


Gee, I never thought of it. Goddess has gifted me with so much beauty around me, I don’t think I want to be vain, remember Andromeda.?


I’d looove to see that!!! :eyes:🕵‍♂


I am a new witch, although all 6 of my babies came on full moons. I have always had a "language with anything animals. The power from the moon I have known since being a small child.Tonight was my first night spending time with God and Goddess, bring thoughtful offerings, doing my gratitude and alter blessings,preparing for a new week, with new opportunities, as well as much internal release and cleansing. This is the first time I have decided these type rituals will be on Sundays. I am full of peace and fire to accomplish my goals this week. I am truly blessed to have the coven’s guidance and support, thank you all. Please be in agreement that the healing for the loss of my soulmate, Tiffany 35, my firstborn that has been in many lifetimes with me, had now begun, so I Can learn in what ways I can be useful to others who also have had the loss of a child find theirs as well. Just celebrated my college degree in Psychology, I want to be a light to others grieving. Now how this ties in, I wore my crown for the first time tonight, I almost feel a sense of peace and wholeness after my spell casting. I will wear it from here on out. Love and light, sent to surround all of my coven. Xo