Crystal and Gemstone Help

Hello everyone, I recently inherited a large group of if stone pendants and a few crystals but I am VERY new to using them and wondering if you lovely people can help identify them before I cleanse a use them.

Thank you all for any help with these.


In the top picture the Blue rectangular 1 seems like it may be blue tiger’s eye (hawk’s eye) but I can’t really tell if it’s banded. Then these I could immediately recognize, minus the Amethyst…I’m really sure that’s what it is, but there’s a small hesitation with that too.


Thank you. The three you have circled are the ones I guessed thats what they were. I will check the other for banding and see if it is hawk’s eye. Thank you again.


You’re welcome! Either @christina4 or someone else can answer the others for you. 1 I thought was rhodocrosite? Rhodonite? It’s the pinkish tumble. But I’m not positive.


I’m going off of what @Siofra_Strega said and taking it from there.
The circular shapes stone is also an amethyst. The clear red could be a tourmaline but I’ve never seen it in the shape of a quartz. It could have been made into that shape.
The yellow, blue and the light purple, I’m going with pretty agates.
The darker red looks like maybe a red jasper.
And the last one that looks like a tooth probably is a tooth. I really can’t give an honest opinion through a picture but those are my best guesses.
You’re lucky to have Inherited them! They’re all beautiful :heart::heart_eyes::heart:


What a beautiful collection to receive, @WisconsinWitch- your new crystals are gorgeous! :heart_eyes: It looks like you’ve already got some helpful guidance from some crystal experts too :blush:

I may not have much confidence with guessing, but I do want to point out that some of your lovely crystals look like they would make amazing pendulums! Pendulums are spiritual tools that can be used for divination. If it is something you are interested, here is a Pendulum Guide and there are plenty of Pendulum Discussions to explore in the forum with more tips and advice! :gem:

Whatever you choose to do with your beautiful new treasures, I hope you enjoy them! Blessed be! :sparkles:


You’ve got some good answers here and, unfortunately, I’m not help :sweat_smile: I’m just here to drop a source for you from a friend of mine! She’s a geologist and witch with a podcast. She’s got some episodes on identifying different minerals that may help you out!


I think the pink one is a tourmaline, as well, based on that color. a nice one! I wonder if the stone just above the pink one is a mookaite? I think the tannish tooth one could be a picture jasper, what do you think?


I actually do agree with you on the mookaite. The tooth could be a pic Jasper but it’s hard to tell, ya know.


I’ve of her before. That’s so cool!


It IS really hard to tell with that one. Mystery stone! :slight_smile:


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