Crystal Energy Workers

A topic was posted about displaying crystals and it got a lot of people talking and sharing their beautiful crystal beings.
I left a comment on the said post that I thought was pretty important in regards to energies and vibrations of crystal beings and those who come into contact with them but received little feedback that was specific to my comment.

That being said, I was wondering if there is anyone that practices or is advanced in Crystal Healing, Reiki or anything of that nature?


I think it’s wonderful you’re delving deep into crystal and energy magick, @janelle! :gem::sparkles: I’m afraid I use crystals at a very basic level right now, and I’ve only had the chance to experience Reiki once (although it was a very memorable experience!).

The Reiki group I came in contact with, I’m pretty sure was the Komyo Reiki Retreat Group who had a retreat at the Buddhist Temple I was interning at- Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-Ji in the Catskill Mountains of NY.

The Komyo Reiki practitioners follows a style of Reiki from Kyoto, Japan. If it sounds interesting, it looks like they have events, classes, and teachers around the world. Although I imagine the pandemic has effected their events and classes for the near future.


@roxanne has such a gorgeous collection of stones- maybe she or @Francisco has some advice about healing crystals?


Great question! I hadn’t seen it in the other topic!

Some crystals are piezoelectric, which means that wheen squeezed or compressed, they produce an electrical charge that we can tap into. That is why they are used in medical devices and computers. They have a memory and give off a pulse or a charge.

If you are using them for healing or have spent some time programming them for a specific intention, it’s best not to let others touch them.

However, some people love to share their crystals and why not? They are an amazing subject of conversation and a lovely gift. :gem:

If a crystal feels or looks differently after a person held it, it could be that the person had bad energy/intentions, OR it may be that you just don’t like that person and you have unconsciously attached negative energy to them. Sometimes our own judgments can cloud our perception.

If that happens, you can cleanse it afterwards (spray sage, smoke it with incense, leave it on a piece of Selenite for a few hours, etc).

The best approach is to follow your intuition. Maybe have some crystals out in plain sight, that are meant to be touched and enjoyed by others. Then there are others that are strictly for your own use.


Hi! sorry just saw this post…

do you still have questions on the subject?
I do Reiki and Crystal Therapy, so maybe I can be of some use :slight_smile:


I don’t tend to share my crystals with anyone except my daughter. I cleanse them after she is done with them or I cleanse them and then give them to her. I have bought her some for herself and she likes to have them on her dresser too. I like that it’s an interest that we both share.

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