Crystal Gem Waters 💎

This is my entry for this week’s challenge.

Crystal Gem Waters
:gem: I’m using the direct method because amethyst is safe/non toxic.

For indirect methods, sake bottles work wonderfully!!! Or the crystal water bottles that contain the crystal.
Here’s a Google link for a sake decanter:

:gem: Gem waters are some of the simplest to create. Place your chosen stone (cleansed) into any chosen amount of distilled water (for at least 2 hours).
Quarts is most commonly used for this technique, but any non-toxic crystal is suitable. This gem water should be used relatively quickly (1-2 days) and should remain refrigerated during storage. Due to the energy of a gem water is much more subtle than that of an essence or elixir (due to shorter infusion time), you may ingest it in the same quantities as you would plain water. Feel free to sip it throughout the day.

• Internal: because the energy of a gem water is more subtle than an essence or elixir, you may ingest it as you would plain water.

• External: Gem waters may be safely used to bathe the skin, and are especially refreshing for washing the face (use rose quartz for this :grin:).

:gem: Since I’m having back pain, I’m using amethyst in my gem water :ocean:
I thought that it’d be funny to use the crystal shape that I chose because it looks like an ice cube! :joy:

Here’s a better view lol

I love the above views. Lol I’ma dork :smirk:


What a neat idea, you just have to make sure your gem doesn’t do funky stuff to the water! I like the above views too, you’re not dorky! Thanks for sharing this!


Ooh! What a beautiful amethyst :heart_eyes: and what a great idea to use it for back pain! I need to do this :thinking:
Haha I love that you chose an ice cube shaped crystal :joy: so cool.
Thanks for sharing :kissing_heart:


I thought of that last minute :joy: thankfully my good friend trades gems with me and she gavee that one!!! Perfecto!!! :grin:


The only gem water I’ve had was made with clear quartz- my host family when I stayed at a tea meditation center loved to have gem water handy (when we weren’t drinking tea! :tea::laughing: ). I’d love to try amethyst gem water someday- yours looks so beautiful, @Christina4!

Thanks so much for sharing this- it’s going on my to-try list! :yum:


Thank you so much!!! If you do try it, let me know how you like it.


Will do! Thanks again Christina :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: