Crystal Grid for Sobriety 💎

As @IrisW mentions in her post, Positive thoughts needed again please
She’s needing some comfort and encouragement at the moment, so I made her a healing grid.

For specifically alcoholism, amethyst is used mostly. Amethyst…
The purple gemstone Amethyst gets its name from the ancient Greek word “amethustos” (ἀμέθυστος), which means essentially “not intoxicated” or “sober.” Apparently, the Greeks believed that wearing amethyst or drinking from a cup made for it would keep you from getting drunk.Dec 26, 2013 › …
The Sobering Power Of Amethyst - Brookston Beer Bulletin

Also Celestite is used for alcohol addiction.
Celestite is thought to have a powerfully soothing aura, which can help manage the stress that often precedes cravings for alcohol.Jul 23, 2017 › july
Healing Crystals for Recovering Drug & Alcohol Addicts

So, on to the grid! For the central stone, I used Chevron Amethyst. For the supporting stones, I used black tourmaline for grounding because that’s a big deal with addiction!!! Ground yourself or meditate when you feel an urge or craving coming on. Other supporting stones are clear quartz points, more amethyst, and clear quartz druze pieces. And I added a Celestite geode half bc my son grabbed the other half.

I activated it with my wand. I also set the intention on an intention paper stating that she gets sober. That @IrisW gets the loving support she needs and finds comfort in her road to sobriety. It’s not easy!!! I know!!! May you be well during this state and please reach out to me, or anyone of us here who care about you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


Lovely work! I support @IrisW in her journey to sobriety. That being said, if you feel you need to reach out, please don’t hesitate. We are here for you! :heart:


Thank you so much. I thought I’d replied this earlier the car but it must have got eaten when I lost signal.

I’m really touched it’s much appreciated.


This is beautiful @Christina4! I don’t have too many resources related to sobriety- I feel blessed to be able to have this on hand now! Thanks so much for sharing, and wishing @IrisW all the best on your path to sobriety! :pray::heart:


You’re always welcome!!! We support each other here and I’m blessed to have found this family!!! Over the time that I’ve been here, everyone has become more like family and I hope you feel that way, too!! :heart: