Crystals for plants

I have recently started growing my own herbs indoors (or trying to). Does anyone have any suggestions of any crystals I can put in the pots with the plants to help them grow?


Hooray for your indoor garden, @Aryana- that is a really exciting project! :herb::green_heart:

I enjoy growing herbs indoors (or at least the ones that agree to grow indoors- some are very finicky and only want to be outside! :laughing:) and keep a kitchen garden whenever my living situation allows it, but I don’t usually put crystals in the plants so I’m afraid I can’t help much there- sorry!

I do know that some crystals (such as Selenite) can be unsafe when in contact with water, so I would make sure that any crystals you keep with herbs are okay to be wet :droplet:

Perhaps the crystal experts (such as @Christina4, @Missa, @Susurrus, and others- there’s quite a few!) have some plant-specific crystals to recommend for you :+1:

Good luck and happy gardening! :sparkles:


"Crystals in the Garden" Article from


I posted something along these lines a little while back. I’m a crystal-a-holic and I’m forever burying my broken ones.

Here’s the link to the post if you’re interested.

Sharing Info - Best Crystals for Your Garden :herb:


@Missa did a great job & @Jessica72 has a great link also.

If you have any further questions feel free to let us know & we will be happy to help!


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