Crystals Galore! What's your favorite?!

I may have a slight obsession! I have even more that are not pictured :grin: I absolutely LOVE Citrine, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, and Flourite!

What’s your favorite crystal(s)?


I refuse to have a favorite :laughing: there’s too many! They all have many wonderful properties and are helpful in many, many ways. I’m currently working with angelite and black obsidian. And I have a happiness grid that I added here:


What an incredible collection! My jealousy is insaaane :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Some of my current faves are fluorite, rose quartz, amazonite, emerald and tigers eye… ooh throw in amethyst, selenite, green aventurine and moonstone too :joy: gosh I love crystals!


I have a lot of crystals I think my favorite lately is lapis lazuli, I feel very drawn to it. I even bought a turtle made out of it because the turtle is supposed to be spirit animal. When I saw it, I knew it had to come home with me. I have a lot in mesh bags with their cards and then I have others throughout my room along with jewelry. I keep black tourmaline on my keys with some rose quartz and I have selenite with the 7 chakra stones and a quartz crystal hanging from my rearview. I feel like I need to get some more now!


Those are all really pretty! I have a few crystals, but no pictures of them readily available.

I’ve got a selenite tower I found at Marshalls, a clear quartz cluster, some amethyst and agate, and some miscellaneous jaspers and calcites. Nothing too fancy. I’m not a huge fan of working with crystals and I don’t like to buy them often because of the industry but :woman_shrugging: that’s just me.


Lovely topic, and lovely crystals! :relaxed:

I’ve been enjoying the calm and gentle energy of smoky quartz as of late. Also for the New Year’s I got myself two clear quartz bracelets, smaller and pointier crystals for the left hand, larger and rounder for the right. They help me with raising and feeling energy around me, and seeing past the illusion of duality in things :gem:


@christina4 I am right there with ya, I could never pick just one! I have so much fun creating grids! At first, I was extremely caught up on following set grids but, once I made my first without a recipe I enjoyed it much more!

@Limeberry I have all of those! Have you ever come across Red Tiger’s Eye?

@Siofra Lapis L is beautiful, I am very drawn to blues/indigos personally!

@MeganB I would love to see your tower! I have a pretty awesome Selenite wand that I got from my local shop. I’m not sure what you mean about the industry, do you mean price or is there some kind of human rights issue I am unaware of?

@CelestiaMoon Smoky Quartz works wonders for me and my anxiety!

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments! Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals! I personally cleanse mine once a week minimum with sage (Dragons Blood is my fav).


I have gold, red, & blue tiger’s eye. I love them all. They are definitely one of my favorite stones to have.


@Neptune @Siofra I have blue and gold. Red is on the shopping list! Gold has been a trusty fave for a while! And omg I can’t believe I forgot to mention my ongoing love for labradorite!
Today I fell completely head-over-heels in love with a new Blue Apatite stone which arrived a couple of weeks ago and just kept glinting at me today like ‘me, pick me!’ :joy:


I just received my lovely Rhonda today and here she is…

And the lady was so nice and sent me three tumbles, dragons blood jasper, petrified wood and a blue lace agate…
I have a bigger dragons blood jasper here…

I’m not huge on agates but that one just stands out to me. Ok thanks for looking! Hope you have a beautiful day/night!


I’ve always loved the apatites blue colors. Yours is lovely :slight_smile:


They’re a great tool for grounding and shadow work. I like the idea of bracelets but I don’t keep them on for long. But yours are beautiful :heart_eyes:


I’m amazed by the power of crystals but; Lapis is probably the most intriguing. Mosques use it for their domed roofs. It has a connection to the ancient Sumerian Gods.
It is my belief that they were ancient astronauts that came here and brought our souls here and placed them into the animals they created; humans. There’s something in Lapis that connects us to our soul’s origins.


Wow, @Neptune! Such a lovely collection! That’s great!

My favorites are my amethyst.

And my new Blue Adventurine palm stone I got for Yule.

It just looks like air or water currents stopped in stone to me. I love it!


Absolutely stunning collection, @Neptune! :heart_eyes: I love how you sorted them all by color- your stones make such a beautiful crystal rainbow display :rainbow::gem: You are clearly a crystal lover- is that a huge rose quartz in the back left? It looks so beautiful :two_hearts:

Crystals bracelets are a perfect NYE gift, @CelestiaMoon- they are lovely! :prayer_beads:

A very neat stone, @Limeberry! I admit I don’t know much about Blue Apatite- what work do you usually do with this pretty piece? :blush:

Congrats on your new Rhonda, @Christina4! She is stunning :sparkles:

I am in awe of your new Blue Aventurine, @Amethyst- look how it sparkles, it’s perfect for Yule! :star_struck:

Like others have said- it’s so hard to pick one favorite! :laughing: I also go through phases of favorite crystals. But my little orange Aventurine has come with me through numerous adventures around the globe, so that’s a classic fave of mine :orange_circle::two_hearts:

Thanks to everyone for sharing- I just love seeing all the gorgeous treasures! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I really like it and the fact that it was sent to me by a dear friend makes it even more special.


Yes! The history of lapis lazuli with ancient Sumeria…the blue eyed statues. The votive statues were usually always looking up and always had blue (lapis) eyes. The heavens had layers, each layer had a color. The highest layer was blue. The lapis lazuli eyes symbolized that they’re seeing the highest heavens. Whatever you see or focus your attention on is the direction you’d move in. It was in a way a ritual to propel themselves to heaven.
I hope I explained this well! Damien Schools Echols made a video explaining what I said.


There is a huge industry for crystals in the Western world and other places know this. A lot of the crystal mines outside of the U.S. use unethical ways of obtaining the crystals that they then sell like child labor and exploitative wages, and they get away with this because they’re not regulated. I’m not 100% versed in the nuances of it and I definitely can’t speak from a professional standpoint. There is an argument to be made, though, that the majority of crystal sellers aren’t obtaining their crystals ethically. I’m just going to leave some links here, but I recommend the Borealis Meditation Podcast because Kat is actually planning to talk about this very issue in the next episode, I believe. She’s a geologist, animist, witch, and pagan currently living in Singapore. She’s amazing at what she does and she always provides A+ information.

These articles are just meant as food for thought, honestly. I haven’t been able to find quality studies or articles in just a quick Google search about the ethics of crystal mining outside the US. I’m sure they’re around, but I just haven’t had the time to dig into it.

I’m not educated enough to speak on the entire subject, but crystal mining – and mining in general – just give me bad feelings. That’s the only way I know how to describe it :woman_shrugging:

And this isn’t meant to be a downer, either. I don’t want anyone to feel bad about their crystals or their love of crystals. We can’t really escape the reality of mining and how our society basically runs on the destruction of the planet. I just think it’s good to be conscious of where your crystals, and other ingredients for that matter, are coming from.


It’s a great stone for motivation, energy, willpower, beauty, and as a result is often used to improve self-image and aid weight-loss! I’d like to think my little chip apatite chip bracelet helped curb my appetite a little over the festive period :rofl:

Yesterday I was creating a bath for motivation, creativity and inspiration when the stone came a-glinting… I ended up concocting a little skin toner with witch hazel, jasmine, frankincense and clove :laughing: I was just hoping for some motivation to tidy and reorganize my room!


she’s gooooooorgeous!
I loooove rhodonite :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: