Daily Tarot Contest for Friday Spread

Hello everyone,

We are ready to move on towards the end of this week. So, this is the spread for Friday:

Please share your tarot spread with us before 12 o’clock at night by tonight at your concerned time zone.

Good Luck @anneshakargupta

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Whew, okay I finally got time to do one of these tarot challenge things. Thanks for putting them together!

Shadowscapes Deck

Where can I find beauty today? :revolving_hearts:

Strength Reversed
Okay, so the cards are just calling me out right from the beginning. This doesn’t surprise me, actually, because of the things I’ve been dealing with. Strength reversed in this position is telling me that it’s okay to not be strong all the time and to let others pick up the torch when I can no longer carry it.

How can I spice things up a bit today? :revolving_hearts:

The Lovers Reversed
It took me a minute to realize what this card was pointing at and, honestly, it’s really personal and nsfw so that’s not being shared here :sweat_smile:

How can I bring harmony into my life and home today? :star:

The Queen of Pentacles Reversed
This card reversed screams at me to take care of my self and take a break. Which I mean, I’d be okay with that if my to-do list wasn’t a mile long. I’ll definitely do my best to not overwork myself today, though. I just have some things to get done first. I did tell my daughter that if I’m able to get everything done, we’ll hop on our bikes and go to the library. We’ve got some books to turn in anyway.

What do I need to nurture and care for today? :star:

Nine of Pentacles Reversed
I need to realize what I’m worth (another thing I’m working on in therapy). It has a deeper meaning than that for me, too. As the Queen of Pentacles Reversed has pointed out, I need a bit of TLC and self-care. This card here points to resting and remember why I’m doing what I’m doing and knowing who I am and the value I have to bring. It also points to my work and the fact that I am always working because, well, I need money :woman_shrugging:t3:

Of course this reading would publicly drag me…but it is interesting to me that everything is reversed right now. I do feel this, too. Things are blocked and stuck, things are out of perspective, and some things I’m just outright ignoring.

Thanks again for putting this together!


  1. Where I can find beauty today is to restrain energy and not be in a hurry. That’s beautiful for me because I’m a complete mess when I have to rush around.

  2. I’m single but the only way up is from the bottom. I’ve had bad I mean horrible relationships and the last one, he passed away. I think I just have bad lunch with men. I’m starting from the bottom, where all the pain and nightmares are coming up. But I’m a fighter, it’s in my blood!!! My last name in French means warrior!!!

  3. How I can bring harmony into the home life is by meeting my nephew, Colton. He’s being born today!!! :pleading_face::blue_heart:

  4. What I have to nurture and care for today is my self doubt. That’s always been an issue for me and it leaves me feeling vulnerable. I definitely have to work on that!

:star:Thank you @anneshakargupta for this opportunity to get some insight.


Thanks @MeganB & @christina4


Maybe you should make that known to only share the card spreads. And please don’t interpret my reading. Thank you!


Sorry @christina4

I removed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hiya @anneshakargupta!
Sorry I missed yesterday’s spread - I was barely home all day :sweat_smile:
Here are my cards for today: let me know what you think!

  1. Knight of Pentacles
  2. Knight of Swords
  3. Four of Cups reversed
  4. Page of Wands

I am new at this so if you think I am way off in my interpretation please help me along!
Where can I find beauty today? King of Pentacles … I took this to mean to continue to grow and learn on my spiritual journey
How can I spice things up a bit today? Two of Swords … reach out to people. Maybe make a new friend or communicate with someone from my past.
How can I bring harmony into my life and home today? Three of Cups… Stand my ground with the negative influence and go ahead with the BBQ and pool party with family.
Nurture and care for this today. Reversed Six of Pentacles … My feelings and the current emotional state that I am in.


Thanks, enjoying these!

1)Page of pentacles (r)
2) five of wands (r)
3) four of wands (r)
4)Three of wands


Oh, I didn’t know you were interpreting the readings too or that we shouldn’t put them. I’m okay with sharing them but not of others interpreting them. I’m only okay with that if I ask for feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Here is my spread from this morning. Had a rough day. I’m not sharing my interpretation and would ask that no one interpret for me. Thank you!


Hello @MeganB yes, interpretations are not necessary because indeed that can drag you publicly. Secondly, I am not interpreting. Since @christina4 and you @MeganB shared you interpretations which make me thought to participate, but I should not do that without permission. So, sorry for that and I removed my interpretation. Just sharing your spread will be fine for this contest.

Hello @Hiya No problem. Thanks for participating in this one. I wish you to participate for Saturday and Sunday spread too, just for fun.

Thank you @SharonD for sharing your spread and interpretation. You are always unique & expert for interpretation yourself.

Thanks for sharing your spread @Bee12

Thank you @jessica55 wow, what a nice deck you have.

Please feel free to participate for Saturday & Sunday spread before I announce the name of champions for this contest.


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