Dark Moon Magick 🌑 Rest and Reflection

In the midnight hour when the sky is dark
And the moon has hidden Her face,
A moment is given for us to pause,
Silence and rest a warm embrace.
– Megan Black

What’s a Dark Moon?

The Dark Moon is the time in the sky at night when there is absolutely no moonlight. We can’t see the moon and there is 0% illumination. Many people consider the period of the Dark moon to be the same as the New Moon. This is fine. Your practice is going to be your own, but for me, the Dark Moon is just as important as the Full Moon and is different than the New Moon. This is probably just a witchcraft thing because even my Moon Phase app calls the period of 0% illumination the New Moon but I digress.

The difference for me is that the Dark Moon has 0% illumination whereas the New Moon is just what it sounds like. This is the time in the sky when we can just start to see the moon. In terms of illumination percentages, I would say the New Moon is that period in the sky where the moon is illuminated just 1-2%. It is the time of beginnings.

So what’s the point of the Dark Moon?

As I mentioned above, I view the Dark Moon differently than the New Moon. For me, the Dark Moon is a period of rest and reflection and I normally do not do any spellwork. When I work with the phases of the moon, which does not always happen, I try very hard to not do any sort of magick or spellwork during the Dark Moon.

Even nature needs to take a break and we can’t expect the energy of the Moon to always be available to us. She can’t go through the cycles of Her phases and always be ready for us magickal people to take advantage of Her energy. She needs a time of rest and reflection just like we do.

For me, the energy of the Dark Moon is not conducive to spellwork. She has turned away from us and given us a forced moment of rest and reflection. For me, this is an important part of my practice both magickally and spiritually. If I’m constantly moving, going from one task to the next, consantly wondering what I can do to stay busy? Well, then I miss the things going on around me on a smaller scale. When you miss the small things in life, you can end up missing the bigger picture.

What do I do, then?

During the Dark Moon, I spend more time meditating. I spend more time journaling. I spend more time in reflection. These are all things that I try to do regularly, but being attuned to the natural cycles of the world around me also means taking the time to really focus on the reflection because, if I’m being honest, I’m always moving and always trying to stay busy.

This is the nature of someone trying to make a living as a freelancer anyway but still… :sweat_smile:

:sparkles: If you have kids, you can use Lady Althaea’s Dark Moon Meditation for Children. :sparkles:

Meditation is a means of quieting the conscious mind, allowing the subconscious to come forth and enabling us to connect with our Higher Self, as well as any Spirit Guides, and even our Gods. It can foster greater relaxation and helps in dealing with stress, even if only done for a few minutes.

Articles on Witchcraft and Paganism - Althaea Sebastiani

:sparkles: The Seasonal Soul has journal prompts for the Dark Moon :sparkles:

It is a very beautiful & powerful practice to begin answering these questions with every Dark Moon. When you engage in this journaling practice monthly, you begin to see more clearly the path you’re walking in life. You can see what the focus is for you each month, the lessons you’re learning, and wisdom gained with each moon cycle.

How Does the Dark Moon Energy Encourage Your Personal Growth? - The Seasonal Soul

:sparkles: And I have a guided meditation for Self-Compassion through Difficult Times :sparkles:

However you decide to honor and celebrate the New Moon or Dark Moon, I wish you the best during the time of darkness.

And remember, a seed is planted in darkness. Growth happens in the dirt and muck where no one can see the first tremblings of life. Darkness is not something to be feared, and you can grow an exponential amount when you realize that reflection during the darkness is just as important as the growth in the light.

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This is beautiful information and a wonderful prayer there at the top. Kudos! Thank you for sharing!


I love guided meditations. I will save this one for Saturday and I have one that I am going to do tomorrow afternoon. I have a couple of things to do in the morning & then it will be some more shadow work for me. I have been trying to do some each day this week. There has been a lot of journaling and I did the shadow work worksheet today. I feel really good and like I have learned a lot about myself the last week or so. The beginning of the week was a little rocky, but it has since smoothed out & I am enjoying everything that is happening.


This is wonderful information about the Dark Moon- thank you for sharing your wisdom, @MeganB! I’ve heard the term before but now it is clear how it differs from the New Moon in certain practices. Your chant and meditation are lovely as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and adding a new great resource for all to enjoy! :new_moon::sparkles:


Thank you :blush: :heart:

Shadow work is a beast sometimes. I understand how difficult it can be. But the good thing is that it’s a lifelong process and not something that you’re ever done with, so you can just keep learning more and more about yourself and not have to worry about “finishing the race”, so to speak :heart:

You’re very welcome! :heart: I’ll admit I never felt too connected to the New Moon until I learned of the concept of the Dark Moon. Then everything just sort of clicked :sparkles:


I like that there will always be work to do because you are constantly evolving into who you are, each day can be different. You will never have the same experience twice, just similar ones. So there’s always a chance to do some work for your highest good.


Absolutely! I know Carl Jung thought that eventually, all parts of the Self could be integrated and there would be no need for Shadow work anymore. However, we know that’s not true because our shadow is always evolving and being added to.


@MeganB This is wonderful! I’ve bookmarked it to go through and save the information externally.
Thank you!


Wonderful subject, in my practice I meditate a lot. When not connecting to a Being, for mindfulness, using music, sound. This exercise worth to try and to be incorporated.


You’re welcome!

It has definitely been a struggle for me to meditate daily. Meditation just doesn’t like to work for me, but I’m keeping it up despite the failures :rofl:


Thank you I am very excited to just relax and do some journaling in my bom! I was actually searching on u-tube and found so many different people who do shadow work during meditations. It will help get me grounded. Meditation, allows me to look inside! I Love this time too!
I so appreciate your encouragement, & I have a book and it’s on the dark moons and it just so happens that we are going to be in Taurus :taurus:! Time to use the high priestess energy!
Thank you