Dealing in the Divine: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE Catch UP

For this challenge I thought I would share how I feel as though I became closer to the horned god. For the better part of 3 years now I have been searching for a decent statue of the horned god that I liked and fit with my statue of the goddess. Sadly the one I wanted is unavailable due to the conflict overseas. After thinking about it and searching I decided to show my dedication to the horned god myself by making his statue myself. After about 2 hours of needing and working the clay to be useable and another hour of working with the clay and using some wire for support, I finally cant to a shape I liked. It’s going to need sanding some and some brown staining but I’m happy with it.

Weekly Witchy Challenge Catch UP


Wow wow wow! Your horned god is sooo outstandingly awesome!! Loove it! :heart_eyes: :innocent: :sparkles:


I often hear that the deities most appreciate the things we labor over and craft by hand. Every detail of this beautiful statue was made mindfully and with the utmost of care- it is a really impressive statue, @LadyDennaRahl, and I am sure the Horned God is appreciative of your dedication! :clap::heart::deer:

Really beautiful work- I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the crafting process! I know it is going to look amazing next to your Goddess statue :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


That’s awesome! Well done!


Great job @LadyDennaRahl! :star_struck:

(I linked the post back to the Catch-Up Challenge so it’s easier to find when the badges are given out)

I wish I had the dexterity to make my own sculptures & statues. It’s a wonderful job! I agree with Bry that when things are handcrafted or made from a mindful & intentional place in your heart they are more appreciated by the Horned God or any deity that you may work with :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s beautiful! You did a wonderful job :blush: and I’m sure the Horned God appreciates the sacrifice and offering of your time spent making it.


Thank you all.


will post a new pic soon had to redo the antlers and base because the first base wasn’t as stable as it needed to be and caused it to fall breaking the antlers.


Aw, that’s a shame, love! Oh well, it’ll be better the second time around!


Oh no- sorry to hear it! :pray:

Well, I guess it’s better (not good, but better) for something to break during the crafting process (when it is easiest to re-do/fix it) than after it is all finished and on the shelf.

Good luck with the repairs- as you craft and learn, I am sure the new version will be even better than the previous one! :heart: Blessed crafting!


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