Death and afterlife

Since Samhain is here we get to honor our family and friends that have passed. I did the Ritual for Samhain! (Sawin)Remembering others helps us to remember that we too can die of old age or a illness. I wrote a letter to my mother in law and remembered all the good times we had! Thanks to spells 8
Just like the Day of the Dead we remember those who have died!
It leads me to think were not here for that long and time is clicking! I don’t know about you but I need to make the best out of my life! We are either going to age or die of sickness and eventually we will go to the other side. So many have died recently because of the Covid!
We will either come back or reincarnate which is my true beleif! What about you?Do you think we can come back a animal or a flower!

Has anyone ever had a near death experience? I know that there is a sense of peace I heard when we die!

Why did the egyptians worry about death so much?
The Egyptians prepared for death and most of the Gods were there to help assist one to go to the afterlife.
. Osiris , one of Egypt’s most important deities, was god of the underworld. He also symbolized death, resurrection, and the cycle of Nile floods that Egypt relied on for agricultural fertility.
Anubis , also called Anpu, ancient Egyptian god of the dead, represented by a jackal or the figure of a man with the head of a jackal. In the Early Dynastic period and the Old Kingdom, he enjoyed a preeminent (though not exclusive) position as lord of the dead, but he was later overshadowed by Osiris.
I looked up Anibus here you can too.
Blessed be


I had a near death experience when I was born, I had trouble breathing turned purplish black and was about to be pronounced when I started breathing normally suddenly and regained almost normal color, in my baby pic I look reddish purple. :smiley:
Once again you have given some great interesting information, Thank you.
Blessed Be,


It sounds like you had a wonderful and reflective ritual for Samhain, @Jeannie1- and thank you for sharing the helpful links to the Egyptian deities! :blush:

As for a a near death experience- when I was living in Seoul, South Korea back in 2013, North Korea announced that it might bomb the city. Some international students were pulled out of schools but many locals thought it wasn’t a serious threat. My friends and I had to decide if we should leave the city or stay… it was a very tough night! At one point sirens went off and I thought, “well, this is it”. But luckily it turned out to be nothing- just an empty threat. We woke up safe and sound the next morning :grin:

Many Samhain blessings to all! :candle:


Thanks for the great links! I’m happy the holiday went so well for you.

As for me, I believe we are reincarnated when we want to be. That family groups stay the same if a little different. My Mom might choose to be my sister in the next life, things like that. I don’t think we reincarnate down, into a bug or flower or what ever. We are here to learn.

Sometimes I wonder what I needed to learn this life. I think I must have been one of those people who didn’t like being alone or anything, because in this life I’m alone a lot. It makes it difficult for me to do things without family support. But I’ve learned to stand on my own two feet and have learned when I need to ask for help. So that’s something.

So yes, I believe we reincarnate.


Hi Jeanniel,
I don’t know if you can categorize a triple bypass heart attack as near death, but the revelations I discovered made me realize, that there is something more to life than death.
Yogic philosophy coupled with The Bible had brought me to the conclusion that Death had been overcome and we are eternal beings. Although I am now retired, I usually tell people I’m on Eternity Time. I know my body goes in the ground and returns to the earth, but my consciousness is still intact and goes on. Whether it’s reincarnated or in a new body. I’m not afraid of death anymore. However, I would like to stay in the present for a little while longer Lol.


That’s scary as heck! You just wanted to trick everyone. See, you reborn doing seriously, I’m glad you started breathing, beautiful soul!


Warning: graphic discription. Discretion advised.
Yes, I’ve had 2 nde or near death experiences. The first ont was from my ex chasing me with a box cutter, ya know the razor thing. I didn’t even know I was cut until I started to see blood everywhere. I ran so fast, I tripped and fell down cement stairs. Broke some bones, sprained an ankle, broke some teeth, nails ripped off and bruises everywhere. I looked like a monster. The other time I overdosed. I was so sick of being a burden to everyone, everywhere I went. I was extremely depressed. I mainly remember waking up in the hospital confused as ever. The doc or whoever had to cut my clothes off to attach wires or whatever. I just know they ruined really nice clothes. anyway, I remember being very at peace the 2 nd time. Like I went to the the most beautiful place ever! They’re my experiences. Sorry if I grossed anyone out.


Great post with some amazing links! Thank you so much!

The closest I have come to death was after my SI Joint Fusions, the anesthesia they used was too much for me and I spent the day very hypotensive, to the point they couldn’t wake me up at times. I was slipping away but then would jolt awake, but to everyone else it wasn’t a jolt. I remember I was okay with what was going on and I just wanted to rest, then they didn’t want me to close my eyes again because it was getting harder and harder to wake me. I don’t remember much from the actual day of surgery except that they would no longer give me anything they had a side effect of drowsiness. Despite the pain I was in, they were afraid that the next time I wouldn’t wake up. It was worse with the first fusion, the second wasn’t as bad, but it followed me to the 2nd fusion so they were more prepared for it to happen. I remember the nurse clapping, yelling my name, moving my feet and legs and saying something to my husband about keeping me talking. I would just start talking and slip away while doing so. I wasn’t scared or anything, I was kind of just letting it happen. I wasn’t sad or upset. Once I made it through the night, I just wanted to be home, but they were on the fence about keeping me another night. It all hinged on how I did in the morning. I was better and got through the OT and PT, so they let me go home.

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When I was a conservative evangelical Christian, I believed in Heaven and Hell. Annoyingly so. I was one of those people standing on street corners passing out gospel tracts. (No offense meant for anyone who may still do this.) I never yelled at passerby’s about them going to hell but I was friends with people that did.

Then I started discovering Heaven isn’t even the Christian hope; resurrection is. One would think this is obvious but with all of the cultural Christian tropes in the United States it’s easy to forget. (Rest in peace, they are in a better place, God took them home to be with Him, etc.)

After I gave up on the concept of Heaven, but not Resurrection, I started looking at the concept of Hell. That went away quicker than the Heaven thing. (Oops. :rofl: Dropping Hell meant no need for penal substitutionary atonement and I found myself on the wrong side of the evangelical fence.) For the longest time after that I decided soul sleep was what happened.

My ex gf was big into past/future lives. I was finally embracing the magic in the world and decided to stop dabbling and dive into my Wiccan beliefs. Her ideas didn’t seem impossible so I looked into them while we were dating. If I was still with her, I would probably still be on board with the idea but now I have my doubts. Reincarnation over multiple centuries almost sounds like Hell to me. (Plus I would have to see my ex, again. :joy:)

I know this is a long way to an answer but my beliefs have evolved as I have grown over the years. I don’t expect to be in 10 years time where I am today. Wicca has brought me a peace about death, seeing it as part of a cycle instead of finality. I currently believe we are all connected in some way to a divine source. I think we go back to it in some way after death. (Although I am not opposed to the idea found in The Egg.)

No NDE’s but I had an out-of-body when my childhood head was ran over by a toboggan full of teenagers. :open_mouth: I was about 6 at the time and sledding with my dad and brother. We crashed halfway down. I fell out. The toboggan ran over my head. Blood everywhere and rushed to the hospital but all of my memories from the moment it happened until I came to in the hospital were all from outside of my body.

BTW, @christina4, I know all about the overdosing while believing I am a burden. I hope you overcame that demon because I know it is still one I fight.


I’m sober but yes I believe being a burden is a tough situation.


Tamera, I’m glad nothing happened and you’re still here that is so scary! Once my grandpa said that he did see his body but he came back he did see a tunnel and he was a believer in a different realm! He had heart complications and the surgeons did a heart surgery! Thanks for sharing Tamera!!!
I bet Your family was scared for you!!

reminds me of the time that my little boy Matthew almost died he turned purple too as well he had asthma! We were living in a gated area! The ambulance had a hard time getting in! Matthew is only like eight years old and I thought I was gonna lose my boy! Once when Andrew was a little boy and he just came out of my stomach they had to put a oxygen mask on him so that way he would survive! They also cut my umbilical cord from his neck!I think having these near death experiences helps us to appreciate life!

Blessed be


The travel Witch,
It sounds like you guys really had a plan to survive! and had make some serious decisions life or death!
I’m glad it was a happy ending!
Once they had fires nearby in paradise and people were saying that they got cornered by this fire and they didn’t know what direction to go in and sometimes we go through life not expecting things and then Bam stuff happens!
What a great story! I’m glad your safe Brianna!


Are used to honk for Jesus but now I don’t anymore I frown on those people that go on the side of the road honking for Jesus! I guess growing up they told me that since I was a sinner that if I didn’t believe in Jesus that I will go to hell! I had a hard time believing in a God and was told I would Go to hell for all the wrong that I’ve done! Since I was raised Catholic we had to go to a priest And confess her sins if we did something wrong and that would make us have a clear slate. I figure now hell is just an illusion! It did a lot of damage to my psyche!
I really enjoyed your story on the egg that was really good! Personally I have not had any near death experiences! I too feel better that I’ll be reincarnated! This was actually my first intuition as a child but I was told otherwise!


This is an interesting idea to ponder because while I believe in reincarnation, I don’t necessarily have a core set of beliefs about the afterlife. As an Irish pagan, I do believe in the Otherworld and that is where you go when you die. I also believe it is possible to come back and live another life, regardless of the era because time is not linear.