Deity Tarot Spread

I did the 7 card Spells8 deity tarot spread and am having a difficult time deciphering the answer. Anyone have any answers for me? :heart:


My memory isn’t letting me be off any help but it’s a beautiful deck


Thank you! It’s my beloved Nature Spirit deck by Jean Marie Herzel. It called to me from the book store. It’s a phenomenal & beautiful deck! :heart:


Hi @amandakay,

I’m of the school of thought that the reader will always have the best interpretation of the cards as they are the closest to the issue at hand, but I’d be happy to offer up my two cents in hopes of sparking some inspiration to help you with your reading! :handshake: :grinning:

(Card placement meanings are from the 7-Card Deity Tarot Spread)

Card One: The Deity

You pulled The Magician and honestly, that is such a great card to pull for a deity! The Magician is a powerful force (Major Arcana) who has all the tools they need to get the job done. They are a master of the elements and in deep connection with the world.

Cards Two through Five: Traits and Characteristics

The High Priestess appearing as card number 2 makes me think that the deity may be a feminine entity, associated with intuition and magick. The Lovers is a card of bonds and relationships- it’s interesting to see two snakes intertwined here. The Knight of Swords is a card of drive, movement, and determination, and The Heirophant is a card of established, structured doctrine.

In terms of patterns, I’m noticing a lot of birds here (although that may be the tarot deck itself, and not the deity)

Cards Six and Seven: Signs and Symbols

The World and the Devil are meant to depict possible symbols and imagery of the deity, but I’m struggling to see them closely on screen. It looks like more nature, flowers, a fish, and a pentacle. The tree reminds me of “as above, so below”.

In summary, I’m seeing major Isis vibes here- the birds, The Magician as the central card, depictions of nature and water, all the birds, and especially the design of The High Priestress card.

Another option could be Gaia, although that may be due to the nature theme of the deck more so than the specific cards drawn.

My last guess would be Hecate- many of the major arcana cards here (The Magician, The Heirophant, The High Priestess, The Devil) have ties to the Goddess of Crossroads and Witches. Also the birds, and the keys in The Heirophant :old_key:

Again, just my thoughts as someone outside of the situation- I hope that maybe something here can help you work things out! Good luck and blessed be :sparkles: :blush:


Thank you so much! Your reply has brought me a lot of information and much to think about. I really appreciate you taking the time to think of what the answer could be. The deck has different animals, insects, and flowers in it! I will research the different deities you mentioned. Blessed be, my friend! :two_hearts:


I don’t have much more to add that @TheTravelWitch_Bry hasn’t already said. I’m just in awe that you pulled all of those Major Arcana cards!


I am in awe by that fact too!!



I have to agree with @TheTravelWitch_Bry here about the Isis links. This is screaming out Isis to me. I can actually see the myth of Isis and Osiris within the cards.

The magican. She is the Goddess of Magic (among many other things) and the most powerful magician of the Egyptian Pantheon. She used her tools and powers to protect and heal. She lived on Earth but linked to the skies above like the magician’s wand.

The high priestess card suggests intuition and magic, again linked to Isis even the fact that this card has so many lotus flowers and a flooded landscape (Isis brought the yearly Nile flood).

The lovers. Isis and her husband Osiris ruled together. They were devoted to each other and bonded to create Horus.

Knight of swords suggests ambition, bold actions and even courage in a quarrelsome situation. Isis protected and defended her son against Set. She was bold and ambitions in her actions to trick Ra and gain his power and all knowledge of the universe. She rose up against the Gods to demand Set be overthrown and replaced by her son.

The hierophant. While i dont not see Isis here, i see her husband Osiris. He taught his people the correct way to live. He taught them how to prosper and reigned with Isis to ensure this was maintained. The pillars have a feel.od Isis temple at Philae with flowers at the top.

The devil and world contain water, flowers and animals. Isis transformed to a bird to travel across Egypt in many of her myths. The flowers say growth and ferility like the waters of the Nile floods brought while the world looks like it has an animal in the bottom left. Is it a scorpion? Scorpions were her protectors as she brought up her sun among the tall grasses of the NIle Delta. The Greeks added Goddess of the sea to her epiphets which might expalin the sea creatures.

I have very much based this on Isis purely.because she is the only goddess I know a lot about (i work with her) but it does stand out here. It could very well be another that someone could give clarity on.

Hope this helps

Blessed be



@Francisco can you make a print out for the Deity Tarot Spead with 7 Cards? I don’t have much to say @amandakay but I think @TheTravelWitch_Bry has said enough.


Sure! Here it is: :blush:

7-Card Deity Tarot Spread


@Francisco Thank you, and I asked if you could send me the file of PDF you sent out a long time ago if possible.


Sure, but I’m not really sure which PDF file you’re referring to. Could you be more specific?


All the printibles from the site I believe that is what you offered to someone else. I had to go back and search where it was. Book of Shadows Cover and Divider Pages.


At the moment we don’t have a single book with all the pages but you can find most of the pages for your book of shadows organized here: Grimoire PDF.

Also, here’s a series of page separators with links to the different categories: Book of Shadows Cover and Divider Pages.

There are some useful tips about grimoires here: Start a Book of Shadows. I hope it helps!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry u are truly AMAZING my friend.


@amandakay sweetie not much help reading cards. However based on what i see i would say Hekate or Athena. U are a fighter hon. And that owl is gorgeous. Looks just like my spirit owl. What deck is that if u dont me asking


this is great thank you so much!


First time I have ever seen this spread so I will look at the spread but it looks as though you have a handle on this but if I have any insight I will message you!
let me review it give me a minute!lol
I do see a little of Hecates symbolism in the spread the owl :owl: and snake.


It’s my pleasure, Amandakay- I’m really happy if I could help you at all on your journey! I’m sure you will find the deity calling to you, and I wish you all the best working with Them :pray: :heart: :blush:

The deck is really gorgeous- those are some beautiful cards! :flower_playing_cards:

Much love and many blessings to you too!

It is really helpful to have the insight and feedback from someone who works so closely with Isis- thank you for sharing your breakdown of the cards, Alan! There’s a lot more there than I picked up on and it’s all really interesting to see! :grinning: :sparkles: :heart:

Hooray! This is a beautiful printout- thank you for sharing it, Francisco! :raised_hands:

Awwww, I’m blushing! Thank you my friend! :heart: :hugs:


I love :heart: the Deity Tarot Spread! Thank you so much @Francisco