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Many of us spend a lot of time online in some form or another. Whether that be on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, for work, or even here on the forum. As our lives evolve to be more technologically involved, it is only natural that our magical practices do the same.

(Also, yes I used the word “Matrix” for the internet specifically because I wanted alliteration in my title :joy:)

Why Digital Magical Protection?

When we spend time online, uploading pictures and videos of ourselves or simply sharing our thoughts, we expose ourselves to so many more people than we naturally would offline. Rather than sitting in a room full of friends and sharing good news, many of us post good news online to hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

When we take our daily exposure and multiply it like this, it also increases the chances of ill intent and energy directed toward us. This may be done intentionally, of course, but in my experience, it is done unintentionally. Jealousy, envy, guilt, and desire are all powerful emotions that lead to powerful energy. This energy can then be directed at us even if the other person doesn’t realize they’re doing it.

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This is not to scare you away from posting and sharing online. While negativity and ill intentions can be directed toward us by anyone online, I believe the emotions behind the intent need to be very strong in order for it to manifest in any way. However, I have thousands of people who see me online on a daily basis. It would be impossible for me to know their intentions so I take steps to protect myself in whatever way I can.

I think everyone can benefit from some sort of practice like this. I wanted to share my way of doing it with you as well as a few extra ideas, just in case!

A Hidden Sigil

One of the easiest ways to protect your energy online is to add a sigil or two to your profile picture where you post online. The sigil acts as a barrier between your image (which can be used as a taglock with your name) and the energy you are receiving. You can take this a step further and add sigils to each of the images you post, but I think this might be a bit overkill.

An example of this is the sigil and image I created to go in my digital grimoire. You would never know there was a sigil in this image - that’s the whole point!

(image is AI-generated)

To do this, you will need…

  • a sigil
  • your profile picture
  • a photo-editing app or software (Canva is free and very easy to use)
  1. Design your sigil.

Your sigil can be created for any intention you want, but since we are focusing on protection for this post, that is the example I will use. An example phrase might be something like this: “I am protected from all negative energy sent my way.” Using the word “all” encompasses negativity sent toward you on purpose and by accident.

sigil (1)

Don’t know how to design a sigil? Check out this post: Sigil Making 101: Draw Your Manifestations

You can also use a digital sigil creator, as well. For this post, I used Sigil Scribe.

SigilScribe Sigil Gif

2. Combine your sigil with your picture.

Open your photo-editing app or software with your profile picture. I will use Canva for my example. Then, insert an image of your sigil. Make sure the sigil covers the entire image! Then, select the sigil and lower the opacity of the image (or the transparency depending on your software) all the way to zero. The sigil image is still there but now you can’t see it.

3. Save your new image and use it online!

Just because you can’t see the sigil anymore doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Instead of being visible, it acts as an invisible barrier between you and the energy directed toward you. Now, when you upload your image online, you have a digital protection spell built right in. You can take this a step further and say a chant or pray to a deity when you upload the image. That choice is yours!

Other Digital Protection Ideas

There are so many other ways to protect yourself in the digital and virtual worlds, both with and without magic. Here are a few more ideas you might find helpful!

Digital Protection Ritual

I know someone on YouTube who uploaded a video of them performing a protection spell specifically for their channel and online energy. This video was uploaded to their channel in the background and made private. There, it did its job protecting the platform it was uploaded to.

See the video → Social Media Magick ||Protection | She who walks between the Worlds

You can do this, too, with images, videos, chants, and other means of magic. Not every platform has the capability to post privately, so you would need to tailor this to your specific needs.

Spells in your Caption

Many creators online also include chants, spells, or intentions in their captions. The average person would probably never see them unless they scrolled all the way to the bottom of the caption. Still, this form of magic does the work it needs to when the time arises. If you are in the broom closet and don’t want to include a spell in written format, consider using emojis instead!

Here is one idea for an emoji spell to protect you online: :sparkles: :shield: :anger::computer: :anger: :shield: :sparkles:

Translation: The shields stop all ill intentions from escaping the computer and reaching you! If you use a phone more than a computer, replace the :computer: with :iphone: and it works just as well!

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So, with these ideas and the instructions provided, I hope you are able to easily create your digital protection spells! If you need help, feel free to send me a message and I will help in whatever way I can.

Do you have more ideas? Please leave them below!


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