DIY damage-resistant crystal grid

I watched a video in witch (which) a lady had traced and painted a crystal grid onto the BOTTOM of a candle plate. (Candle plate, you know, with the little feet… :footprints::grin:) By doing so, the grid stays in place better and is much more difficult to damage while using. Neat, right?

I thought it was a great idea! I used the Flower of Life grid printout from Spells8 and it just happened to fit perfectly onto the bottom of my candle plate. Divine thumbs up? I think so. :rofl: But as I started tracing, I found out in about 2 seconds that I was going to have a major OCD about my lines not being perfectly straight, or rather circular. So I did not trace and paint, I used a spray adhesive (super sticky, be careful!) to adhere it to the bottom. Took all of like a minute! Can’t wait to use!

I printed out all of the grids on Spells8 and after adhering, I wish I would have maybe used that sticky clay/putty stuff, or even tape so I can change grids! But this just gives me an excuse to get more candle swag lol.


That is such a clever idea! :open_hands:t3: props to you! :partying_face:


I saw some wooden crystal grids on Amazon but they were so expensive and big! I like your idea better!


That is an awesome idea! :star_struck:
I bet you could use copy paper and trace it on there. I wonder how it would work on a mirror?? :thinking: Would that reflect the power of the crystals better or stronger?

Thank you @ValentineMoonBabe for sharing :rose:


Cool! I love this and I even have a plate. I can’t wait to try this and make my first crystal grid! I should ask though…I know they look very pretty, but what do crystal grids do? I mean, do you set an intention with it and use your intuition to design one or is there a method to it?


@ValentineMoonBabe Absolutely brilliant- it is such a clever idea to print out the grid and attach it to the bottom of a candle dish! :star_struck: Not to mention that it looks so neat and tidy too- I think this is a great enhancement for crystal grid work :gem: :blush:

There’s a lot to crystals grids, so I’ll hand you over the experts, Mary! @Christina4 shared a really helpful guide about Creating Crystal Grids with lots of background information about how and why they work- hopefully the guide can help answer your questions! :+1:

And if you’re interested in crystal grids, I know of one in particular you may enjoy :wink: Here’s a Crystal Grid for Jupiter :astrology_jupiter: :sparkles:!


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