Do I have to have every color of candle to start out?

I’m starting out on an tight budget and I don’t know what would work to start with.


I’d say just start with white candles they are universal from what I’ve read and then slowly start adding more. Also you can look on Amazon for some and pretty cheap.


Oh no you do not! As @brandy20 said, white candles are a great option. Tealights, jar candles, or any that you may have.

I also used birthday candles as substitutes when I first started too.

So don’t feel like you have to have everything to start out at all. Use what you have on hand & even using kitchen spices are still herbs.

Other great substitutions for candles are images of candles, battery operated candles, video of candles or even images or videos of flames or fires. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you are using lit candles, remember to always practice Candle Safety also :revolving_hearts:


I’m just here to agree with everyone else :laughing: you don’t need to start with anything, and if you’re using candles in your spells, white would work just as well!


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