Do my fellow witches have creative ways to use coffee grounds?

I know that I’m not the only one who enjoys his coffee, while I love my coffee I can’t help but feel wasteful. I have a Keurig and when I’m done with my coffee I end up throwing away my pod. Do any of you ladies or gentleman have ways you utilize the grounds? I’m trying to be a little more caring to mother nature. :heart:


Good morning! I am a coffee lover, so I do use it in my practice. Spells8 also has a lesson & printable & suggested spells for coffee too! Which is where I originally started learning about using it. Since then I also use it in fresh incense & jar/pouch spells.

Coffee Correspondences, Spells, Printable - Spells8


I usually keep my coffee grounds and put them in my garden or make a body scrub with them.


Oh a body scrub is a good idea too! I think I have a new use for them! Thank you! :hugs:

  1. Deodorize your hands, fridge, closet or car.
  2. Repair scratches and dings in dark wood furniture.
  3. Remove grease and grime from stain-resistant pots, pans and tools.
  4. Contain fireplace ashes. Sprinkle damp grounds over ashes before sweeping them up to minimize the dust.
  5. Make your own pin cushions.
  6. Fertilize plants.
  7. Tenderize meat. Add a tablespoon of fresh coffee grounds to meat marinades. Besides tenderizing, it also gives the meat a mild smokiness.
  8. Dye paper, fabric and Easter eggs. A soupy mix of grounds and water will give paper an antique parchment look or color fabric or eggs brown.Repel insects. Mound grounds into a ring to create a protective border around plants, or sprinkle old grounds in places you don’t want ants, slugs or snails.
  9. Sharpen garbage disposal blades. With the water running, add a tablespoon of grounds to a running disposal.

I typically throw it in my compost pile. Though I would like to make some scrubs with it.


Yeah a good compost bin goes a long way for most organic waste and is so good for gardening with.


Yes! As a body scrub, scalp scrub, it’s good for plants, and for some kind of spell…sorry I forgot.


Siofra, I didn’t know you could use them in incense. I’ll definitely have to check that one out.


Megan, never knew you could use them in the garden. I just put some in my hanging plant in my kitchen today, we’ll see if it’ll fertilize my plant.


Garnet, You always have such good creative ideas. I’ve never heard of making pin cushions from them until now. I think I’m going to try tenderize meat with it, that sounds like it would give it some nice flavor.


Ooh sounds like I need to start a compost pile. I need to start making some scrubs! :slight_smile:


It would make me feel better, just seems like so much waste.


Christina, I’m seeing how it works for one of my plants at the moment. It would come in handy with a pouch spell.


You can find crafty ways to upcycle your old kcups into little decorations and knick-knacks on Pinterest! I know I had seen a few on there!

And like others have advised, I also use old grounds as fertilizer! My Basil plant ate that up like no tomorrow!


You could also always stop using those fancy machines that use those cups.

You’re able to bring those little cups back to supplier stores for recycling. Otherwise they just add to the environmental waste.

A proper espresso machine will do the trick. Then at least the only waste you have is the ground coffee which is organic matter and friendly to our environment.

We are at a no coming back point with global warming and waste unfortunately. And even things such as clothing with microplastics to meet fashion standards is ruining our earth.

A challenge is to live as simplistic as possible and reduce our own imprints.



Yes, absolutely!!! That would be great for a bunch of things. I found a post that would help out, too:

Here’s some more info on it:


I was curious as to what else I could do with the grounds too! I am a coffee lover, so I have an abundance of types.

Without repeating too many of the ideas here:

Repel Insects Coffee grounds contain compounds that are toxic to many insects. You can use your coffee grounds to repel mosquitos, fruit flies, beetles and other pests.

Flea Control Like other insects, fleas do not like coffee. Bathing your pet in used coffee grounds may help keep fleas at bay. coffee grounds should only be used externally. They can be toxic to dogs if consumed.

Neutralize Odors Coffee grounds can help absorb and eliminate odors from your refrigerator, gym bag or smelly shoes. Using them as a hand scrub can also help remove lingering smells from onion or garlic.

Scrub Pots & Pans You can use coffee grounds to scour your pots and pans. Their abrasive texture helps scrape away caked-on food.

Natural Dye Used coffee grounds are a great natural alternative to harsh chemical dyes. Simply rewet them and use them to dye paper or fabric or darken brunette hair.

Clean Ashes (Fireplace) Use coffee grounds to weigh down the ashes in your fireplace before cleaning. This makes for easier ash removal and less mess.

Stimulate Hair Growth & Strip Build-Up Before you shampoo, simply grab a handful of coffee grounds and massage them into your scalp and hair for a few minutes. Then wash and rinse as you normally would. Do this one to two times per week, or as needed.

Repair Scratched Furniture You can use coffee grounds to buff out scratches on wooden furniture and darken them to match your existing finish.

Treat Under Eye Circles Coffee grounds contain caffeine and antioxidants. When applied to the skin, they can help prevent aging and reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles and puffiness.

I tried to only list the ones that weren’t already mentioned. Each idea has a paragraph about the suggested way to apply the grounds for the suggested reason. I hope this helps!

16 Creative Uses for Coffee Grounds


Sorry I forgot about natural recycling.


Yes!!! I’ve made a puffy/ tired eye serum from coffee grounds!