Do You know some home remedies for toothaches? 🦷

11 Home and Natural Remedies for Toothache Pain


Clove & Vanilla & Peppermint all have the same type of numbing quality, with Clove being the strongest & will actually numb the gum & lips if not applied correctly to the gum line/tooth area that is painful.

Peppermint tea bags can be moistened & put on the gum or tooth much like a poultice.

I have done the saltwater rinses too, but never Hydrogen Peroxide… that I know of… maybe my parents or grandmother had me do it? I remember when I got my wisdom teeth out they used a packing with cloves because I wound up with a dry socket from 1 of the extractions that day.

Thank you for taking the time to look these up & share them with us! I have a nightly tooth :tooth: pain that I am trying different things for so I don’t overuse 1 method. On Monday I am calling my dentist… I don’t know if the broken tooth can be fixed but it’s making the gumline unhappy when I try to eat on that side.


I rinse my mouth with hydrogen peroxide then I bite on a clove where the tooth pain is. I did those when i needed a tooth extraction on top of salt water, Orajel rinse, clove oil that I made with olive oil. Tooth pain is the worst!!


Omg i love you! Been needing something non drug related for awhile now


My oldest brother would put an aspirin on an aching tooth.
As an adult, I know that aspirin only helps if you swallow it. (But his gag reflex was on high when he tried to swallow pills). At the same time aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid. The acid part of aspirin can burn the gums if it is left on too long, which can cause more pain than the toothache.
the home remedies that help has a modern day scientific principle to back up why it works. (Herbalism)