Does anyone know any spells for pens?

Hello all! Happy New Moon!:new_moon::dizzy:
I saw this post on Pinterest:

Pen enchantment

I haven’t tried it yet but I find the concept of enchanting a pen for magical working very appealing! I didn’t connect or resonate with this spell and tried looking online for others and had no luck there either. I was wondering if anyone has a spell for pens that they recommend :sparkles::cherry_blossom:

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Thanks for sharing, Avery! I agree that enchanting a pen (or a brush, knife, etc) is a key stage in the path of the Art Witch 🎨!

I think that spell looks perfect from a craft perspective. Here’s a chant you can add:

Place the pen on your altar. Hold your palms a few inches above them and say:

"I cast off all negativity that may hinder my art.
I bless these tools to call forth my will.
Tools of power, tools of art
Tools that see the hidden heart
Tools that tell the path before
Be you blessed by ancient lore"

If you have a clean cloth, wrap your pen (or tool) in the cloth and let it rest on your altar. The next day, start using your pen in your creative process.


This is quite interesting!!! And new!!! I have to give this a go!!! Thank you @avery and @Francisco I like them both!!


Wow thank you! You’re always so generous with your knowledge and I appreciate all the resources you have suggested and time put into helping me. I am going to do this spell tonight. Thank you again! Have a blessed weekend!


@Francisco whoa whoa whoa…. Art witch??? :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

I must learn more about this!!!


@avery Thanks for your kind words! I really appreciate it. Have a blessed day! :pray:

@Ember_Lee Yes, besides the Witchcraft in your Art lesson which can help as a starting point, there are some Art Witch prompts in the Witch’s Journal. I have been working on a set of Art Witch rituals for a while but it’s taking me a long time. Hopefully I can share those soon!