Double Parellels in my hands

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So I was dating a guy who has a aunt that is pagan. We were talking about witchcraft. When he looked at my hand and said I have double parallels in my left and right hands. I have been trying to understand every since. But does anyone know what that means and how to research about it?

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Hi Ashley!

Parallels is when you have the same line twice in one hand.

Double Parallels means that the line appears four times, twice in each hand! This is rare, so probably that’s why he was surprised!

It can have a different meaning depending on which line is the double line in your hand. Here’s an image of each line for reference:

I learned palmistry (reading the lines of the palms) when I was 19! I love reading people’s hands! Feel free to post a picture of your hand to see which one it is.


Oh man!!:flushed::flushed: That’s super interesting! I wanna learn palmistry. I love looking at hands too!:heart: Thank you again blessed be :crescent_moon::palms_up_together:t4:

Here you go I’ll post both :palms_up_together:t4:


It seems to me that you definitely have a double life line:

It can mean that you move around a lot or are very adaptive. It can also mean branching out or having a change in perception.

Some more information about the double life line:

"It shows that in some form the person will have a positive, more adventurous side to themselves (…)

There is a need to experience something different from their up­bringing and this always manifests as a relative sense of curiosity and adventure…" From


That’s awesome and super true! Thank you for that ! I’m gonna look into it some more!:purple_heart:


That’s really interesting @ashley7! I never knew about double parellels!

@Francisco someone told me once I have a triangle in my left hand and that my left and right are very different but I have no idea what that means! Do you know?


:small_red_triangle: A triangle adds to the qualities of the areas signified by the lines. It seems you have what is called the “Great triangle”, formed by the lines of Head, life and Health.

The larger this triangle, the better will be the health. Yours is quite large!

It also shows generosity, talent and an interesting side.

The views of life will also be broader and the field of action as it were less limited. When the upper angle (made by the Head and Life lines) is acute, the subject will be more nervous, timid, and sensitive. (From the book Palmistry for All)

Regarding differences between the left and hand palms, in Palmistry it is believed that left hand talks about potential, while the right hand shows what you’re doing with that potential. :raised_hand:

So it is totally normal to have different lines in each hand. Some palm readers believe that "the left is what the gods give you, the right is what you do with it”. Maybe it means that you’re moving fast in life!


Excellent, thank you!

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Following the theme in this topic, your hand shows a double fate line.

A double Fate Line is traditionally read as increased influence and importance in life or a second career that aids the first. It may also mean a hobby that turns into a career at a later date, or two careers practiced simultaneously.

More specifically, I see two fate lines connected by your Health line, so my interpretation is a change of career or lifestyle perhaps caused by a health-related issue a some point in your life.

Having said that, your Life line is very strong and deep, so probably nothing too drastic. :pray:

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Thank you, very interesting

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You’re welcome!, Katt