Drafting my very own spell. Suggestions?

G’day everyone

I’m in the middle of drafting my own spell which I’ve never done before nor would I, if it wasn’t for the spells8 community.

I’ve always struggled to communicate clearly, freely and speak my truth and be honest. It’s a block I’ve struggled with most my life. I’m very soft spoken and when I’m nervous or afraid I can barely get my words out and stand up for myself so I decided I would use this dilemma as my goal for my first spell.

I researched correspondences:

Candles I’m thinking 1 yellow for courage and emotional healing
1 yellow for communication

I was thinking to perform it on a Wednesday for communication. Ideally on a first quarter moon phase for spiritual/emotional healing and self growth.

Crystals I thought I could use any of these:
Aquamarine, sapphire, turquoise, tanzanite, blue kyanite, angelite, sodalite, selenite and lapiz lazuli.

Oils: peppermint or lavender ?

Herbs: this is the bit im stuck on I’m not sure what to actually do with them ?

From my research Fennel , borage, slippery elm bark and life everlasting I could use but I’m not sure what I do with the herbs. Burn them? Have it on the altar? Run on candle?

The chant I’m pretty happy with and yes it rhymes but I’d rather share that once I got the base of the spell recipe ? Sorted out.

I would really appreciate some suggestions and any advice or guidance your willing to share if it’s not to much trouble

Lots of love and light to you all
Blessed be


Hello kira-marie,

The good news is that there is really no wrong way to craft a spell and you are well on your way to one that will work perfectly for you. I’m partial to Lavendar for its calming properties, but honestly, pick the one that resonates with you. When herbs are used in spells (when not used in spell jars or bottles), you could anoint the candle with the oil and then sprinkle the herbs over the candle (or roll the candle in the herbs) before lighting it. Personally, I have only burned herbs when I have written something on a piece of paper and burned the paper and the herbs in a cauldron to complete the spell. I haven’t actually researched the properties of those particular herbs, but I truly believe the best herb is the one that feels right to you for your intent.

As for the crystals, you don’t have to pick just one. You can place one or more of them on your altar during the spell. Once your spell is complete, pick up one of the crystals to carry with you for a week or so. Think of it as a talisman. I like either the sodalite or the turquoise. For me, I’d pick the turquoise to carry because I suffer from the same communication and nervousness as you and I like the calming effects of turquoise.

I hope this does some good and helps you. Remember, there’s no wrong way. You are the key to all the magick and you carry it within you.

Love and light to you
Blessed be


@kira-marie That sounds lovely, the magic is you my lovely, the ingredients help us but you are the magic. I love the talisman idea from @dawn . I made a little confidence pouch with my crystals, herbs, oil and I think I wrote my affirmation on a small piece of paper, put it all in the pouch and did the spell. Then carried it in my pocket and bag, until I felt confident enough to let it go. I’m a bit of a cheat with herbs and use Rosemary for everything. Well done in crafting your own spell :sparkling_heart:
@dawn Hello and welcome, nice to meet you here. I love your suggestions with the crystals. It can reinforce our spell to us to have it with us wherever we go. Just wanted to drop in and say hi. :sparkling_heart:


Hi @kira-marie,

Congrats to you on writing your own spell- that’s awesome! :partying_face:

Dawn and Tracy both have some wonderful advice and ideas for you. It sounds to me like you’ve done lots of great research and have found correspondences for your intention. It also sounds like you have a chant that you are happy with- to me, I’d say that all you need to do now is put the pieces into place and cast the spell :blush:

If I can add one thing, it’s that while you’re gathering your chosen materials, you might feel called to add (or not use) certain things- I’d suggest listening to those urges as they are often your intuition hinting at other things you might need (or not need) in the spell. You don’t always have to have a written or traditional reason why an ingredient is needed- if you feel called to include something, then it’s likely meant to be.

From here, all you need to do is put the pieces into place and give the spell a try! May it be the first spell of many to come- good luck and have fun! :heart: :magic_wand:

Beautifully said, @dawn! :raised_hands:

Welcome to the forum- it’s a pleasure to meet you! :heart:


Firstly welcome to the forum!

I love your idea of using it as a talisman and the oil and herb idea that seems the most practical. When I researched it said fennel and I was like eh ? What am I supposed to do with this eat it ?:laughing:

Hmm maybe I could even make a mini spell jar ?

Eek so many options. I hope I figure it out soon.


You sound like you’ve got this, @kira-marie! Remember, confidence is key!

And hi @dawn! Nice to see a new face on the forum! Welcome!


@kira-marie As far as a mini spell jar, I have made ones that are little jars, bottles… but… the top has a ring so you can wear it as a necklace. I have made a couple, one I wear for my passed fur baby otherwise it is on my ancestor’s altar. Another one that I made, I also added a charm to the ring that kind of hangs along the side of the jar when I am wearing it on my necklace.


Well done for creating your own spell. I honestly dont know where to start with doing this. Intention I suppose? Then looking for correspondences. Do you just make up your chant. Does it have to rhyme?

Blessed be



A mini spell jar is a great idea! :jar: :sparkles: :blush:

I would say nope- rhyming is not a requirement! The magick is in the intention being expressed in the words.

That being said, the rhymes can make it fun to say (and easier to remember if you are trying to memorize it!) :grinning: :scroll:


@Cosmic_Curiosity it doesn’t have to rhyme… I used to worry about that too.

So think about you’re intention. What kinds of correspondences would things have for it? Sometimes different things have multiple correspondences!

It’s more what you comfortable with for the intention depending on what you add to it. :smiling_face:


Firstly, congratulations on writing your own spell! :tada: Writing spells is one of my favorite things to do - something about the creative process and solving a problem is just so satisfying!

Everyone here has already given you some great advice! The only other thing I’d add is to figure out how you want to cast your spell. Do you want to create a charm or bag to carry with you? Do you want to create an amulet, as @dawn suggested? How about a spell oil to use before needing those communication skills? Or just a candle spell to help you quickly at the moment?

These are all questions I think should be answered because the method of casting the spell can have an effect on how the spell works. For example, creating a spell jar or bag that you carry with you can be recharged every month using the same spell. However, a candle spell that you do quickly may only last a short amount of time.

There’s an older post around here that might help you with your spell crafting!

My Spellwriting Process :sparkles:


Thee are great questions and seem to be the part I’m most stuck on . I do like your point of recharging it … I think I might go that option I think as I want something long term not a quick fix


That sounds like a great idea! I hope you’ll let us know when you’ve gotten your spell written :blush: I can’t wait to see it (if you choose to share, of course)