Dragonfly vs Wasp

Anyone who knows me or has sparked a conversation regarding buzzing insects that fly, lol, know how I feel about wasps.

I’ve tried to look at them from a different view. I’ve done a little bit of research trying to wrap my brain around their purpose, why they do the things they do and so on. Still can’t say I like them unfortunately :grimacing:

Today while I was working, I was blowing off the grass that was in the gutter and I saw this Dragonfly(possibly a damselfly) who was coming right at me. It bumped into my shirt so I set the electric blower down in which it decided to land on it.

I look close and at first I thought this wasp was trying to eat it starting from its mouth but then… I noticed it was the other way around! This Dfly was just smashing on this wasp, it was insane! I got a video of it lol. I don’t know if it’s possible to share it on here or not.


I have a let live view. Last year I went on a spiritual retreat, it was a large function, so lots of people and that means food, they were on everything. We just brushed them away. I was trying to eat and I was one of the last ones finishing. They just wouldn’t let me be so I broke off a piece of chicken and sat it about a foot away. So one came over to it and took a piece, and I swear it went and told his buddies about free food. There was a line of them coming to grab a piece. A couple tables over there were a few people in awe of their communication. Except they have made some nest around my home. And my friend was almost swarmed, she brought 5 into the house on her. They really got her and I noticed they have made a home in my truck which has to go into shop. So they must go.


Oh no! That’s too much for me. They’ve got to go somewhere else. I don’t care what they do, just stay away from me!! Hopefully everyone was ok?

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That is insane! :rofl: I’ve seen some crazy couples but a couple times the babies were beautiful. I feed birds and one day I see the regular small brown bird and a cardinal doing the deed. After a while, I see a light brown bird with a red stripe through the top of it’s head and a red patch on its chest. Wish I caught a picture!

I don’t like wasps much either but I didn’t know dragonflys ate them! More reason to like dragonflys!

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Okay so I feel better now about my run in with a wasp while in the car waiting for my husband. This creature kept trying to come into my window. It began a quick draw with the window button…up down up down…lol. Then it started bomb diving the windshield like it thought it could gain access that way. After numerous attempts I flipped the switch to wash the window and soaked it…which then it landed on the hood and flew away. If anything it got a bath, as I do not use window cleaner in the car but vinegar and water. :laughing:


We always have an ant problem whenever it is hot or rainy. I finally used some Orange Essential Oil and water spray. It doesn’t kill them, but they stay away from where ever I spray.


Wow, I would have thought that it would be the other way around too! The dragonfly was protecting you from a nasty sting!