Drawn to Tarot of the Divine today

I’ve had a pretty good day, despite the weather this morning into early afternoon. Elsa made her way here, but left fairly quickly without too much damage in my neighborhood. Now, it’s sunny & clear with a little bit of wind leftover.

Also, all day today I have been drawn to my Tarot of the Divine. I worked on my :flower_playing_cards: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Touch of Tarot entry. Then I participated in Freebie Friday :sparkles: July 9th. After that I was in my room with my husband & while we were talking, shuffled & drew a 3 card spread. Now, I’m wanting to do a Celtic Cross reading with the same deck for clarity on the card that fell out & was in the 5 card spread in the same position under potential influences.

The feel of the cards & the sound of them shuffling is also what I’m looking for today. I’m thinking, I have a great connection but there is something that it really needs me to know? It’s an overwhelming feeling & I’m going to do the spread after I eat. I hope that relieves it!

I also had mentioned in my entry post for this week’s challenge about my inner child & that I would like to heal or help her heal from all the work we’ve done over the past month. I went to check on something & Inner Child Oracle cards were in my suggestions.

Then I got curious & got a cute witchy Tarot deck & the Celtic Tarot from Etsy. When I get them in, I will definitely post a picture.


Did you get to your Celtic Cross reading last night? Is it something you can share? I know readings can reveal a lot so I understand if you can’t. I can’t wait to see the new decks!


I did do the Celtic Cross but I got confused with the cards. I’m pretty sure I did it wrong. But I have the paper I wrote down the cards, I can take a picture & post it.


I dont understand it. It doesn’t make sense to me unless it’s somehow talking about 4 months ago & not the present :woman_shrugging:


Messaged you. :slight_smile:


I will look for it! I haven’t received anything yet. :hugs:


I’m glad Elsa didn’t hit your location too hard! Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy some lovely weather this week @Siofra :blush: Have you had a chance to take a dip in the ocean yet? :beach_umbrella:

Would love to see your new decks when they arrive! It sounds like you are really thriving with your tarot practice lately- good for you! :heart:


Good morning. No, I haven’t taken a dip anywhere yet. I plan to though!

I cant wait to get the new decks, when they come in I will definitely share a picture.