Dream pillow

I read something on how to make a dream pillow but I’d love to hear from y’all😍


Dream pillows are made to promote a more restful sleep and ward off bad dreams. Some people use them as a way to enhance or influence your dreams.

Here’s a simple guide on how to make one:

Some herbs used inside dream pillows, for lucid dreaming, visions or communication are:

Get a small pouch or cloth bag and add the dried flowers or herbs. Then place it under the pillow or hang it near the bed.

Depending on what your goal is, it’s useful to focus on your intent as you fall asleep, e.g. for lucid dreaming you could say “I am in full control of my dreams” as you go to bed. The last thought you have before falling asleep can be very important in the quality of your sleep.


I’ve never made a dream pillow, to be honest. I have made little pillows and pouches to promote good sleep but not dreams :sweat_smile:


Ohhh I’m a big fan of sleep pillows- I always have a little lavender pouch under or near my pillow! If I wake up in the night, breathing in the soothing smell helps me get back to sleep :sleeping:

I’m with Megan about the dream pillows- I don’t think I’ve ever made one specifically for dreams before! I do sometimes do Lucid Dreaming work, but if I ever get around to getting my hands on some mugwort I think I’d like to give a mugwort dream pillow a try.

I see Francisco gave some amazing advice and resources for you- I hope you’re able to make a wonderful dream pillow, @tasha89! Good luck and blessed be :sparkling_heart: