Easy Protection Jar Spell

I had a friend from another state text me today that she needed a protection spell done! She recently lost her witchy things from a move away from a toxic person in her life. So with a limited amount of space to explain it & no time to call, I found an easy one that she could do on her own at home with some basic things.

Choose a small sealable jar

Write your intentions on a small sheet of paper and place it at the bottom of the jar

Add the ingredients

Some ingredients are the foundation for protection spell jars like:

  • Salt (It cleanses any negative energy)
  • Chamomile (It creates soothing relaxing vibes and positive energy)
  • Lavender (It brings relaxation and peace)
  • Sage (It cleanses negativity and helps you restore safety and inner calmness)
  • Bay Leaf (A powerful herb to shift energy from bad to good)
  • Rosemary (Amazing for a good night’s sleep without nightmares)
  • Cinnamon (It brings protection)
  • Rose petals (Turn hate into love)

Once the jar is filled with the ingredients, place a white candle on the top of the jar’s lid

First, light the white candle and let the wax drip onto the lid, to create a base, so you can then place your candle in it, to anchor the candle to the lid of the jar. Then, let it burn until the candle is completely consumed.

Place it under your bed or choose a hidden place in your house

Use the energy of the full moon to cleanse negativity

The blue words throughout the spell will bring you right to this site where I got the spell from:

Protection Jar Spell A - Z

It was a lot easier to send her this page than to try to type or explain what she should do. She feels that someone put some kind of negativity towards her. It was an easy-to-read spell & seems user-friendly if someone is a beginner. It also is easily made to size, you could keep the jar with you if it’s small enough or keeps it in your bedroom or by an entranceway.


Thank you for sharing, Krissie!

I hope your friend is staying blessed and protected :pray:


@Susurrus , thank you for sharing, i think i will try this spell.


Beautiful, @Susurrus! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: May this lovely jar spell help to keep her safe and be far away from any toxic presences.

Thanks so much for sharing! :heart:


Thank you! She was very thankful that I found it. I think she will be fine now. She can carry around the jar with her wherever she goes or place it somewhere safe for her energy.

@walter let me know how it does! I think that I may do one later on today, I have the protection pouch on my person, but this one I could do for love & put it on my altar.


This is great. And maybe add a black crystal for protection like obsidian, tourmaline jet, hematite, etc. But I’ll definitely be doing this along with something else I have planned. Thanks lovely! :revolving_hearts:


Oh that makes me happy!

I was thinking the same thing to add a crystal to it for added protection. & depending on the jar size there are so many possibilities on how to place or carry it for protection. I think the one I am going to do, I will do for love & place it on my altar which is also in my room. I just added a new altar cloth & set it up a little different than I normally have it, but it feels good so I’m going to keep it that way.


Lovely jar spell! That’ll be a great bit of protection for your friend.


I’m going to do one for love to keep in my bedroom. I just have to change the ingredients & the intention.

I hope she finds it easy enough to do. I’m not comfortable doing the spell “on” or “for” her. I feel like that defeats the purpose of the protection spell.

Thank you @Amethyst


That’s part of what was in my book club reading this time. You doing the spell will put more power in it than getting someone else to do it, or doing it for someone else. So good job with that. I’m sure she’ll be able to do it!