Elemental Earth Oil

Anointing oil! Earth Based. This finely crafted ritual oil is made with an exquisite fusion of Patchouli, rose and vetiver and a rose oil base. Use it to anoint yourself, your altar tools or dress your candles with it. Helps with grounding, stability, money, wealth, & prosperity. Colors are Green and Brown and the direction is of the North.



Thank you so much! I just wrote the recipe to make this with my sprays!


How kind of you. Thank you


I can’t wait to make this one with the full moon oil on Tuesday. I’m very excited. I’m planning my evening as we speak!

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Another gorgeous video once again, @SilverBear! These are so peaceful to watch- I love the birds chirping sweetly in the background :bird::musical_note: And again with your cute charms! I love how the silver tree looks on the bottle- it’s a work of art :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks so much for sharing!


I have made the harmonizing oil and the full moon oil, my next items are going to be the earth spray, earth oil, and Florida Water items. I don’t have any vodka, because I am not a big drinker, but I live less than a mile from the liquor store. The only thing I need for the others is the patchouli oil that I have to order on Thursday. I’m very excited to make them.

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