Enchanted car?

@juanita1 as others have said, my car is mine, but has it’s very own personality. I do have protective things in it as well as on my keychains. Whether it’s my personal set of keys or my spare set.

As far as entities, I can’t say that mine has had one specifically but it could; maybe a previous owner? When using the divining rods, where they spun like crazy, I would suggest now that there is a something, getting more specific with using them whether the area or questions surrounding the issues it’s having. Much like @georgia suggested… overall you know, but maybe a more specific approach to different areas or questions may help lead you in what is happening.

Adding some kind of mojo bag or other protections may be helpful also

CAR protection spell
Car or driver protection
Travel protection Spell

Some of these topics may have some helpful ideas for your car to help with protection :blush: