Travel protection Spell

I have a big international trip coming up in a few days with my husband and sons. What are your recommendations for good travel protection spells or blessings. I’m gonna need all the help I can get with a 5 year old in a 9 hour flight! :woozy_face:


@MeganB Made a lovely video on an easy one:

And @BryWisteria made a lovely pouch:


@starborn shared what I was gonna share already :joy: I’ve also made some protection jars for travel. They included protection herbs from my practice plus some snake shed, sealed with a black candle. I still carry it in my purse and it hasn’t let me down yet!

Since you’re flying, I don’t recommend making something that has to be carried with you such as a jar or sachet. Instead, I would charm things you already have, or create a few sigils to draw on yourself and your family with a protection oil before you leave.


:joy: Me when I know a solution comes from one of your videos:


Hi @lyns!

9 hours is a long flight for anyone, especially a kid! Speaking from (a lot of) experience with flights, I think your best bet is to help them fall and stay asleep for as much of the flight as possible.

You might consider bringing a Sleep Pouch as part of your travel magick kit. Here’s one with a simple recipe:

Like Megan said, it’s smart to be mindful of bringing things on the plane. I wouldn’t recommend bringing a lot of herbs or plants as you don’t want to be stopped and questioned by border control. (I’ve traveled many times with a small sachet of dried lavender and never had a problem- but I’d always say to use your best judgment here, and don’t bring anything valuable or sentimental that they might take away)

Also, do you have any favorite guided meditations? If so, I’d recommend downloading them onto your phone or music device. Familiar music or favorite meditations are very helpful for relaxing while in the air :airplane:

Starborn and Megan have you covered for travel charms and protection- I can’t think of anything else to add at the moment, aside from the Protective Spell Collection. There is a lot there that might spark other ideas for travel-friendly protective work :shield:

Wishing you and your family fun and safe travels! Blessed be :sparkles:


Happy travels lovely. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you all so much. So many great options!


@starborn – haha that’s pretty accurate, I’d say! I do the same thing :joy:


Thank you all so much. We are currently in the air right now headed to a Paris and Strasbourg. My boys are doing great. I did a simple sigil spell on four small pieces of paper and anointed them with protective oils and herbs overnight in my caldron. This morning before we left I slipped the sigils (wiped clean of any herbs because, well TSA) right behind the luggage tag cards on our carryons. So far so good. Thank you all for your help. Headed to the Christmas markets In Strasbourg first. If I find any great Yule or Christmas items I’ll share here. Blessed Be!


That is really clever! They’re safe and out of sight, but still able to offer protection. And this way they’ll protect your carry on bags too! Brilliant :+1: :briefcase: :sparkles:

I think Strasbourg has one of (if not the) absolute best holiday market in all of Europe! :heart_eyes: I wouldn’t trust the ranking lists of markets by travel groups- Zagreb won best market a few years in a row, but when my partner and I went to see it, we wished we had gone to one in France or Germany instead :sweat_smile: Nothing beats the old, cozy houses and traditional decor. The “modern” themed ones just can’t compare!

Yay! Happy shopping and safe travels! :heart: :blush:


That’s a clever solution, @lyns :clap: Great job!