Energy Exchange Circle 🤗 January 2nd

An Introduction

How does one introduce a new biweekly topic that combines the reverence needed with the hope we require? :thinking: Nobody wants to be depressed but we all have needs and desires. We have the Energy Exchange category but how do we keep it updated and help point people to this valuable resource?

While the Energy Exchange category is the preferred place to make requests and update requests, I’m thankful we all love and trust each other enough to be open about our needs across the site as we discuss other topics. (How many times have we made or seen requests on the Merry Meet Mondays, The Weekly Witchy Challenges, or the Group Rituals? This happens in the natural course of conversation both in the real and digital worlds and it is a testament to what the mods have built here that we can do it on Spells8.) Is there a way to combine all of those requests into one area?

These are the kinds thoughts and questions I have wrestled with in the last month. Thankfully, I have not been alone in this thought process, as some of my closest :blue_heart:friends :blue_heart: on Spells8 have been helping me brainstorm the best way forward. We may trip up as this gets started but the intention is to draw each other together and focus the power of the group on the needs of the individuals and their families.

Out of the questions and discussions, a wiki was created. This wiki will try to combine requests made from the entirety of the Spells8 forum. Every other week I will be drawing attention to the updated Energy Exchange requests added to the wiki. :pray:t4: I hope this will get easier (and the posts more creative/engaging) as time goes on. :grimacing: I wept as I prepared this week’s post. :cry: Rest assured, I have candles running for myself and for all of my friends mentioned below.

This is going under Activities, unless a mod moves it, because I hope it will be a biweekly group activity to honor these requests.


to the first update from the Energy Exchange Circle - a wiki combining energy exchange requests made on Spells8.

For the next two weeks, please keep the following people in your collective consciousness. If you use a deity in your daily meditations :man_kneeling: :woman_kneeling:, magic, etc., please remember your friends on here.

I know I may have missed some requests (I only went back about a week to get things started.) so please feel free to add them in a reply below and I will add them to the wiki. (Or you can add them to the wiki yourself. :wink:)

If you reply with a request and it is mentioned elsewhere on the site, please add the link in your request and we can follow it there to stay updated. This thread will be locked in two weeks and a new one will be started by me at that time.


I love this @praecog29. I am so grateful for the wonderful minds like yours. To see potential for adaptations of the great mystery known as the internet and ACTUALLY DO something in the format to make it happen. This will be a great asset and a wonderful way to focus the Energy Exchange! Thank you, thank you.


This is a great idea and will help me when I do my nightly prayers sending out good energy. Thanks for this! :hugs:


This is great! I’d love to help with healing! I am now certified in distance healing :grin:


I love this, I think sending healing light and love is great for everyone and having the requests all in one place will make it so much easier. I found the wiki earlier and I will update it after this week. I have appointments each day about just about all of my pains and dislocations that I have had going on lately. Thank you so much!


I apologize I didnt make the date but I see this is a wonderful idea praecog29. Having Merry Meet, Group Rituals and challenges together would be great. :blush:


A beautiful introduction to a truly wonderful endeavor- thank you so much for putting this together, @praecog29! :pray::heart:

It is so nice to have a go-to place to check on those who need some extra light right now. I will be checking the list reguraly and sending my love and prayers to everyone in need :candle:

Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you for the kind words, everyone. It was a group effort behind the scenes. All I did was create it after the discussion. :wink:

@Jeannie1, no date to worry about. This will be active for two weeks. You can do whatever you need to in order to send love and light to your friends on here.

Anyone that needs to add requests can do it here or on the wiki. :slight_smile: I will create a new post in two weeks to highlight the wiki and the latest requests found in the forum.


@Christina4 That is great news. Congratulations. I am sure that it will come in handy!


That is a great idea @Amethyst. I think I would enjoy that routine. It is a great way to settle the mind for the night and hopefully help others too.


I usually say my nightly prayers with gratitude and asking for blessings. It’s like a little mini-meditation before going to sleep. Glad you like the idea.


Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartbeat: I’m a healer. It’s in my heart to heal others . Also to help teach others of holistic ways…to bring them over to the light side :grin:


Kudos and thanks to you, Benjamin, for crafting this uplifting and useful topic!! :smiley:

This will be very helpful in directing much needed healing energies. Also, congrats @christina4!!!


Yes, I love helping people out. And thank you! It means alot! I don’t like attention but I do want others to know I can help. And everyone here is like a family, so I’d be more than happy to help if anyone needs it!