Energy feels...Anyone Else

Despite everything going on in our :earth_americas: right now, the last 4 days I’ve just had this, I don’t know to say feeling or something else, but like a cloak covering around me of uncertainty, new energy, things coming into focus or light. I’ve been excessively tired most of the last 4 nights going to bed before 12, which for me is unusual. I can’t shake whatever this is, if I sit and try to process my feelings and thoughts one statement enters always…JUST WAIT. What I am to wait for is unknown, but I thought I’d share this and see if anyone else is experiencing anything similar?
Blessed Be & Merry Yule,


Absolutely! As the moon phases change, my energy and mood changes. I’ve noticed that almost 3years ago. I’m not saying that it’s what’s happening to you, but it’s possible. I’ve been super fatigued lately. Hope you feel better!
Happy Yule :gift::heart:


@Tamera your post reminded me of this paragraph I read recently:

It’s from the book Your Forces and How to Use Them. Perhaps it’s not you that is tired but your spirit is doing some heavy lifting somewhere else…


Cheers to that, @Tamera! There’s a lot in the air right now, and I think it’s very natural to feel the pull of everything happening.

This reminds me of the strange energy many of us where feeling back before Samhain. The holidays and Sabbats come at times of great shifts in the natural energy of the world :earth_americas:

As of today (the Winter Solstice), the days that have been becoming shorter and darker turn around. From here on out, the days will get longer as the sun grows in strength :sun_with_face: As one in tune with the world and nature, you could be feeling the pull of this on your own energy.

There’s also the Great Conjunction bringing in a new age of change under airy Aquarius :aquarius:.

And of course, holiday excitement can have a draining effect on your overall energy levels! This is a very wonderful but also draining time of year :relieved:

Wishing you peace and clarity as we move into an exciting new time! Blessed be :heart:


The Great Conjunction - I am blaming this for these feelings. :slight_smile:

A lot of people have been experiencing



Ringing Ears


Less Sleep

Waking between 2 am - 4 am

Muscle Pain

Change in appetite



@Tamera, don’t think you’re the only one. I’ve been feeling weird too, i had a headaches until last night. I never get them. (Headaches could be from my studying and staring at my laptop for long hours?) However, i have been feeling fatigued and sleepy. And it’s not covid because just got tested.


@SilverBear, I got 6 symptoms from your list.


@walter - I’ve been moody, headache, ears popping, restless and waking… I have been awake since 3 am… UGH!


I have felt teary eyed, excited, happy and sorrowful.