Everyone's first time is awful right?!

So last night i did my first moon ritual and asked Aphrodite’s to be my deity. My ritual had a bunch of snags but i got threw it. At the end when i meditated there was no sign or communication. I was kinda bummed but then today i saw things related to roses everywhere. Do you think she was reaching out to me? I felt more chaos when i was trying to micromanage everything then when i started letting things just flow I started feeling impowered and ready for anything :


I remember my first spell and I relate haha. But the best advice I can give you you already have it, just let it flow.

And if you think of Aphrodite when seeing roses then it’s definitely her.


It takes time and practice. It would be cool to say your spell and have a flash of fire and billowing smoke, a disjointed voice speaking to you…
It would also be nice to turn lead to gold.
Patience and practice. Best of luck


Worst best both…Some of the earliest can be some of the best though. The pure nature. The deep intention. Now that I think about it that goes for the titles innuendo as well LOL. I know my earliest spells had some impact though they would have been about as coordinated as what you described.


Hi @Ayekayybayy You did well to speak from the heart when things don’t go quite as planned in ritual. And I know the bummed feeling when they don’t seem to show up. For me it’s usually not been a dramatic response when working with deity, it’s often more just a sense of presence or seeing signs as you are with the roses. What I’ve come to realize is that it’s building a relationship over time that brings a closeness to deity and that closeness is what leads to their response. Keep up the meditations and offerings, she will notice!


@Ayekayybayy I had a similar experience when I called on her during the last full moon I wrote about it in Merry meet monday except I’ve been seeing signs of success in other ways like random white feathers, various coins everywhere and my intuition is in overdrive right now (example: premonitio-esque visualization and lucid dreams) but I’m also experiencing a lot of spell exhaustion as well that I don’t normally have

@Valen I’m editing to respond to you since I saw this after I shared my experience with Aphrodite she apparently is very specific and likes to have control of the situation whenever I think of the experience I had calling on her for help I hear “you wanted my help because I have the knowledge to obtain your desire” apparently she is a very busy deity and would rather cut the bloopers and jump into showing you exactly how to get the best outcome so she can make her next appointment :joy:


@phoenix_dawn Seems she has a direct and to the point sense of humor about her when she has something to teach you! I’m guessing you’ll get the candle order right next time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I think all the gods are probably pretty busy these days too.


Greetings @Ayekayybayy and congrats on your first spell! :partying_face:

In my experience, working with deities can often take a long time to build up a bond and establish strong communication channels. But I think roses are a great sign- as roses are one of Aphrodite’s correspondences and could very well mean that she was trying to reach out to you.

I would recommend experimenting with ways of contact (rituals, offerings, meditations, etc.) in order to find a way to communicate with Her that works best for you :rose:

Congrats again- wishing you all the best as you continue to build your bond with Aphrodite! :two_hearts:


I can’t even say my first time, it was more like the first several times was great mess :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but those spells did come to fruition with time. I’m a bit better, there are some things that I absolutely do every time & others that have to do with timing, nature of the spell & outside influences, & how I am physically/mentally feeling.

It will get easier for you as you continue though, you will find the perfect things for you to do in the most comfortable way.

The next day though with what you were experiencing, I would say that Aphrodite is open to working with you & assisting you along your path. That’s very exciting! I’m so happy for you!


Awww, Miss S.
All of you need to throw away the frustration! It is self defeating.
Sometimes a spell doesn’t work.
Sometimes the spell isn’t right, or the intent is wrong. Other times it’s lack of focus or concentration. To be honest, sometimes it’s because Deity is saying you aren’t ready, not now, or just plane no.
Another saying, to live by.
“God loves a tryer.”


My mentor said a while ago that if you doubt at all, the magick didn’t work. Do not doubt the power you have. Practice does bring confidence but we all have those moments of doubt. I trust that whatever deity I work with will respond in time and not a moment before :smiley: I am now seeing some of my spellwork from last year working. It takes time. I do my ritual or spell then forget about it. I let the energy go to where ever it needs too and wait for a sign or synchronicity to manifest. I also have found Psalm Magick which works well and immediately in most cases. As always, be grateful towards your chosen deity. Blessed Be! :rose: