Excited for this class! πŸ”˜

Well this looks bloody fabulous :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t2:

Nice one @Francisco! :clap::clap::clap::clap:Cannot wait to start!


Yay!! Thanks!! I haven’t finished uploading all the course contents yet but it will be all up there soon!!

When I was growing up my mom gave me a β€œlife-planner” journal book that in the long run made me realize how important it is to write! Goals, lists, dreams, desires… I felt this course was a must for witches!!


@mrs, yes it does. Definitely would like to start it. Be great to start a spiritual journal just as @Francisco and the lesson says to do. Guess have to order something else on Amazon. I have a couple of notebooks. Bur I would like to have a binder-type notebook. So I can move the pages around and organize as I please.


Definitely! It looks awesome :blush: @Francisco

That’s such a cool thing to give you! I gave Connie a little journal for Xmas last year- she’s only 6 but she writes a little note in it every now and then or draws a picture :heart:

@walter yes a lovely excuse for another book :grin: can never have enough stationary!


I started the class! I bought a simple large, lined, journal with over 200 pages. I love larger pages so I can cover more of a topic per page. I need lined thick paper. It drives me crazy if my writing isn’t in a straight line. I love thicker paper because I use calligraphy pens to label topics. I do not mind drawing on lined pages. Fun! Thank you Francisco.


Thanks bc I didn’t see the post. I’ll have to this as well


Ohhh a great idea- 200 pages should be plenty to fill with all your wonderful journaling! Enjoy the class, @wendy4! :writing_hand::blush:


Great writing journals! Enjoy the journey!


I just purchased a notebook from Amazon. (Even tho I said I wouldn’t buy one since I have several notebooks at hand lol) However, the price was only 5.99 US . The notebook is so nice! its a soft cover but has this really smooth surface . I guess it’s like a matte texture. It has 110 pages which is not much- but hey for the price I can order another one and have my Book of Mirrors collection in a nice fluid theme. The illustration is beautiful! I would like this illustration on a nice leather, embossed BOS someday. Also been working on my penmanship! Because it’s all over the place and not so neat. ( Like Mother, like son! Lol)



LOL :rofl:

Great find, Dee! I love the inside too!

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@Francisco, thank you!