Fairy Info for Fairy Day! 🧚

Since it’s National Fairy Day, Morgan Daimler has shared a free post on their Patreon with nine things everyone should know about fairies. Here’s a small excerpt - feel free to read the full thing at the link below! It’s all great information!

The subject of fairies is a complex one and with the amount of good, bad, and ridiculous material floating around online there’s a lot of confusion. Here are some basic things about the subject that everyone should know:

  1. The Word Fairy Is A Catchall Term - Although we use fairy as if it were specific the word is and has always been a generic term applied to a range of beings. Its history goes back 700 years in English and it was used interchangeably with elf, goblin, imp, and incubus for most of its history; the oldest meaning of fairy related to the place and later as an adjective for beings from or with the nature of that place. There are seem groups who use fairy now to indicate a specific type of being, what Paracelsus would have called Sylphs, but across the breadth of folklore and academia the word is still used as a catch all. This is important to know because when you see an older account talking about a fairy encounter, or a journal article talking about fairies, or the word fairy used to translate a term like the Korean yojeong it is inevitably being used in the wider generic sense, not for a small sprite.

  2. The Unseelie and Seelie Courts Are Uniquely Scottish - Appearing in urban fantasy of the late 20th century as a ubiquitous division of all fairies into a sort of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ grouping, the idea of the Seelie and Unseelie courts comes from Scottish folklore specifically. As much as its popular today - and sometimes convenient - to divide all fairy beings by these arbitrary lines in folklore we do not find the concepts outside of the areas they originated in, that is the southern areas of Scotland specifically. The words themselves come from Scots and have a long and interesting history as applied to fairies, which goes far beyond a simple good/bad dichotomy. This is important to know for two reasons: firstly because the terms apply, really, only to Scottish folklore and not elsewhere, and secondly following that because when you see them being applied elsewhere - for example a book or article talking about Irish fairy beings or monarchs being in one court or another, or claiming English fairy monarchs rule either court - its a red flag that what you are reading is fiction not folklore.

→ Read the full post: 9 Things Everyone Should Know About Fairies - Morgan Daimler


Thanks for sharing! I had no idea it was National Fairy Day.


You’re welcome! :heart: I didn’t either until I saw today’s :sparkles: Spell-A-Day and remembered :laughing:


I didn’t know that the Seelie and Unseelie court was Scottish. Huh. You learn something new every day!


I had a fun Fairy Day today. I had an event with four participants. We met and discussed fairy lore and a couple of the participants had been to Scotland and Ireland and gone on fairy tours – and they were dressed as fairies, so amazing! – so they had great contributions. I made them starter fairy garden kits and a picnic tea and we toured the fairy garden at our local botanical garden. We also drew cards from Karen Kay’s fairy oracle deck. I was so pleased they came (well, they did pay) because my last event on the weekend before the solstice was free, 25 people signed up and gulp! No one came! And I’ve had other events where people paid and didn’t show so I was starting to develop an inferiority complex, LOL. But the events are making me research and learn more, and this time I learned a lot about the Fae…and people came and had a good time, so what a nice bonus. May do it again next year!


Thank you :pray: for sharing this great info @MeganB :fairy:


@Amethyst – Yup! And there’s confusion about the two groups and the divisions. It’s all very interesting to dig in to!

@mary25 – Aww, that’s amazing! I’m so glad you had a good time! :fairy:

@marsha – You’re very welcome!


Thanks to you (and Morgan!) for all the great info, @MeganB - I hope everyone had an awesome Fairy Day! :fairy: :sparkles: :heart: