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I keep finding Robin or Blackbird feathers in the mornings while walking my daughter to her bus stop. The past 2 times it has been Robin feathers. I was curious as to what do they mean? I am practicing with Freya as my Goddess. So maybe its her or something. I lost my dad 2 months ago and its been hard since his passing. Technically, haven’t had time to properly grieve but that is life with kids and such. :slight_smile: If anyone has any insight as to what the feathers mean, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


Good morning FreyaRae :pray:t3: :heart:

A while ago, @berta gave us some wonderful information on feathers and their possible meanings → What Feathers Mean

@SilverBear also posted a lovely little podcast about signs → Is It A Sign? :thinking:

I think it’s also important to remember that molting feathers is a natural process for birds, especially as we move into Spring and warmer weather.

Feather molting in birds is a complicated process that can vary between individuals, species and years. Molting serves two purposes: to replace worn or damaged feathers, and to provide different plumage that helps indicate a bird’s age, sex, and season of the year, as many birds have differing winter and summer plumages. - ZooAtlanta

I am always of the opinion that if it’s significant in your life and has meaning for you, then you will feel it in your gut. You will know that it’s important. Your intuition will tell you :blush: It could be a sign from deity, a loved one across the veil, or your spirit guide. It could also just be a natural part of life and the order of the world :bird:


Greetings @FreyaRae,

I’m so sorry about the loss of your father :pray: When my great-grandmother passed away, my mother said that after the funeral a butterfly came to visit her and she felt in her heart that it was a sign from her nana :butterfly:

For signs in general, I completely agree with what Megan said about not everything being a sign, and that the best way to tell whether or not something has deeper significance is by the feeling you get when you experience it. How do you feel when you find these feathers? Is there some kind of connection between birds (especially robins) and your father? :bird:

If you’re still in doubt, I would recommend reaching out to your Goddess Freya to ask her about the feathers. She may have additional insights and personal guidance to help you figure out if and what they mean :feather:

Many blessings and much love to you, Lena! :sparkles:


@MeganB You could very well be right about how its that time of the year where birds just naturally molt. I don’t think my dad had any closeness with robins.

@TheTravelWitch_Bry I did feel a bit different when I find them. It almost like a “I know you are watching over me” kind of feeling. The day after my dad passed, there was a spider in my kitchen with a messed up right leg, just like my dad had. I swore that it was my dad visiting me when I went to get some coffee. He always told me when he dies that he would either come back as a snake or a spider. I am terrified of spiders, but lately every time I see a spider I think of my dad. I also see a lone, bright red cardinal as well a lot. Butterflies are my sign that my paw-paw is near and I can tell if he is upset or happy with me just by the color of the butterfly. I was born on his birthday.

Thank you all for your insight and wisdom. :smiley:


That is so beautiful, @FreyaRae- it sounds like each of these appearances resonates strongly with you. It sounds to me like your dad is doing just what he said he would- he’s watching over you in his own unique way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

May you continue to feel his loving presence! Many blessings :heart::sparkles:

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