February 2022 Daily Single Oracle/Tarot/Rune Draw

Good Morning everyone, wishing you all a wonderful day :magic_wand: :mage:

February 7, 2022, Monday

I shuffled the deck and received The Devil

**LIGHT SEER:**vices, the grip of addiction, a need for liberation, healthy vs. unhealthy sexuality, materialism, the healing found in darkness, delving into your shadow self, being trapped in your own stories, manipulation, lying to yourself, temptation.

SHADOW SEER: release, freedom from addiction, on the cusp of a breakthrough, liberation, not wanting to see your own role in a negative circumstance, realizing that you are giving your power away, feeling helpless, breaking the chains,

image source: The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

The Devil reaches out his hand granting a release from the mundane with promises of earthly and material pleasures. While sometimes this release is healthy and necessary, he hides the fact that he offers everything you can become addicted to. From alcohol, drugs, work, and, sex, to more nuanced addictions like codependent relationships or how others make you feel – anything that can entrap you or overtake your life can be harmful in excess. The Devil is a nudge to delve into your shadows. He will bring you there, and then it’s up to you to either fall fully into darkness or to work on healing your own relationship with your beautiful heart. Illuminate the things that are vying for your time, your energy, and your love that leave you feeling empty. Remember that addictions don’t necessarily look scary and demonic until they do. Seek liberation from the bindings that are keeping you trapped and untether yourself. In the darkness, look to fragmented aspects of the self as a source of light.

In the darkness I am free to heal everything.

Blessed Be :dizzy:


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

  • I shuffled my Inner Child Oracle Deck by Amanda Lynn Hails 3 times & drew:

Write a Letter

Writing down our thoughts & emotions can help us to become more aware of them, as many things reside within us that we might not know until we give them space to come forth. Now is the time to write a letter either to your inner child or as your inner child. Have patience with this process, giving yourself plenty of time in which to do it.

Rune Draw

Othala :othalan:

A lot of stable prosperity & well-being. A solid & peaceful family, home, or group life is indicated & one that leads to continued growth. Attention must be paid to customs & order within the group & to the vigilant defense of the group. True freedom stems from a secure base.

I will carry the Blue Agate with me today & leave the Black Tourmaline one on my altar for the day.

I hope everyone has a great day! :heartpulse:


Thorsson, Edred. Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic: A Complete Guide to Interpreting Runes, Rune Lore, and the Art of Runecasting . Red Wheel/Weiser, 2018.


This made me feel more confident in my own skin today. Beautiful!


Good Afternoon, everyone, it’s a beautiful day :mage: :sun_with_face:

February 8, 2022, Tuesday

Shuffled the Deck and received The High Priestess

LIGHT SEER: dreams, powerful visions, psychic insights, serendipity, meditation, introspection, intuition, a spiritual experience.

SHADOW SEER: keeping secrets, gossip or mistruths, hidden agendas, fear of intuitive abilities, not paying attention to your inner voice.

image source: The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

The Priestess sits on the edge of this realm and the next, as she draws down meaning and illumination from beyond the veil. Sacred insights and profound wisdom are flowing to you now, and to access them you must tune in to your intuition and submerge your thoughts into her subconscious realm. The language of the unconscious mind is revealing itself to you now through metaphor, in dreams, or as ancient memories that resurface to be processed. Pay attention to synchronicity, any nagging feelings of being off track, as well as gut feelings that move you in a new direction at this time. The divine whispers that are emanating from your soul hold an important message for you, and the bridge between the enigmatic realm of the Priestess and your conscious understanding of the signs will be found through your own quiet introspection.

I have the answers I see, and by following the truth I will find them.

Blessed Be :dizzy:


That makes me feel better about doing them every day when someone else is touched by what the draws are for the day. :hugs:

I think I’m going to continue the rune draw with the oracle draw. I do all 3 every day, I don’t mind sharing if it helps someone else too! :two_hearts:


Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Today the sun is out & it’s above freezing. So I think I am going to uncover my fire pit & cleanse it then burn my Brighid’s Cross from last year & put together one for this year. (It’s been a whirlwind for me the last few weeks, time got lost on me) I have the time & no appointments!

  • I shuffled my Inner Child Oracle Deck by Amanda Lynn Hails 3 times & drew:
    • Today Is The Day

There is something you ha& now is the time to do it. It may seem overwhelming but beyond the horizon waits something more wonderful than you can know in these present moments. Do not be afraid, no one is ever truly ready at their first steps. It is not perfection that we seek but a life lived fully.

I feel like this is for someone in the coven & not really tied to me. Last night the Morrigan let me know that I no longer needed her assistance at this time but that she is always here when I need her. We had a 2nd great session at my appointment yesterday. The rest is going to be through therapy & but I have taken a few more than the first steps.

I hope this reaches someone who is wondering about when to embark on this adventure, whatever it may be.

Rune Draw


Ingwaz Keywords
Ingwaz Bright Stave

This is the perfect rune for me, I have done a lot of work since Samhain & have been going through Tower Moments one right after the other. So I’m happy to know that after the Morrigan let me know that she will always be with me, I have made it through the first section of my shadow work & have made some great progress this time.

Coming from someone that started Shadow Working last year when I joined Spells8, I honestly wouldn’t answer some questions or didn’t really look for the answer or watered down my answers. Not all the time, just with the questions that seemed “hard”.

Do the work. It’s hard, it’s ugly crying, it’s working through things & coming to a place of acceptance & forgiveness & self-love of yourself. It’s owning your choices & the results of those choices. Make sure you are comfortable & ground/center for a while. Make sure that you will have time to “recover”, or rest & practice self-care. Sometimes that means I talk it out with someone that I trust with the information, get some tears out, & then rest… the next day I feel so much better.

My shoulders don’t have a constant heaviness, the tension in my back & neck has subsided. My anxiety isn’t switching to panic in an instant. My anxiety isn’t even as bad as it was last week. Do the work. It’s so worth it. I have been really working on it for about a month & a half when things started spiraling for me because of events earlier in the year. I’m in a much better place with a workable plan & a sense of awareness about myself & my intuition has cleared up so much, it’s unmistakable.

Source Credit (Bright Stave & Keywords)

Thorsson, Edred. Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic: A Complete Guide to Interpreting Runes, Rune Lore, and the Art of Runecasting . Red Wheel/Weiser, 2018.


Oh, I totally needed that “This Is The Day” card!! Thank you, @Siofra_Strega, this helps more than you know!! :heart: :sparkles:


I am so happy that it went to you! You are very welcome! :two_hearts:


Good evening everyone, a little late but surely here :dizzy:

February 9, 2022, Wednesday

Shuffled the deck and received Knight of Wands

LIGHT SEER: charisma, passion, spontaneity, pursuing your dreams, fast energy, enthusiasm, courage, taking inspired action, the pursuit of adventure

SHADOW SEER: unfocused energy, self-sabotage with fiery emotions, recklessness, the need for more self-awareness, being cocky

image source: The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

What have you been dreaming about? The Knight of Wands gallops in and out of your reading with messages of adventure, of impulsivity, and of bravely pursuing the things that inspire you the most. That passion project you’ve been tinkering with? That drum circle you’ve always wanted to join? Allow spontaneity into your choices and gift yourself the freedom to shift your reality to match your desires. It’s okay to crave new things and to run with the wind when you are feeling charged up about an idea. Go with it! Allow this high-spirited energy to rush in and incite a wildfire of positive momentum. In shadow, this card counsels against reckless impulsivity and heated outbursts. You don’t want all that pent-up creative energy to spontaneously combust! Fan the flames, and leave some energy for the long haul. Make your passion work for you, while whooshing yourself toward success.

In the pursuit of the imagined, I manifest this fire with infectious feelings of inspiration.

Blessed Be :dizzy:


I really love the artwork on those cards. This is a great card to pull to further your way to your dreams! :infinite_roots: Thank you!


Thursday, February 10, 2022

  • I shuffled my Inner Child Oracle Deck by Amanda Lynn Hails 3 times & drew:
    • Review Your Responsibilities

There is much power in the act of releasing or taking responsibility, as some responsibilities are ours to hold & others are not. Today, review your physical, mental, & emotional responsibilities. If we hold that which we are not meant to, we can be drained & if we deny that which we are meant to hold, we can become powerless.

Daily Rune Draw

Source Credit

  • Thorsson, Edred. Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic: A Complete Guide to Interpreting Runes, Rune Lore, and the Art of Runecasting . Red Wheel/Weiser, 2018.

hmm… another card about responsibilities :thinking:


Feb 10.

These days have been crazy, and I certainly need some balance and focus on what’s important now. I’m having trouble going back to my routine but I know it’s just a matter of time and patience… Maybe be more logic than intuitive?

Hope you all have a lovely day :slight_smile:


Without divulging too much, I do have to learn to separate my feelings from others & not try to react to both. So, between the work I was doing, I am working on what it is that is my responsibility & what is not mine to work with, even though the empath in me is a sponge, it’s more like protecting my energy & setting healthy boundaries.

I will say that technically I’m supposed to start where we left off at my appointment, but the empath & separating what’s mine & what’s someone else’s did come up. However, she didn’t really want me to try to do that before I have realized what the effects of what happened to relate to my adult self with the added benefit of empath gifts. She also said, from what it sounds like, I was born with those gifts but then everything got switched around me because of circumstances beyond my control at the time.

In my home, we are following through with things like chores & what their responsibilities are in the house & what say, my responsibilities are even though I can’t work. So we have talked to all the kids & are holding them to the ones that have recently been set before we add anything else.


Friday, February 11, 2022

I shuffled my Inner Child Oracle Deck by Amanda Lynn Hails 3 times & drew:

  • Be Still

To stay needlessly busy is to stay distracted, something that can help us survive our pains & troubles but does nothing to heal them. Though it may seem daunting, take the time to be still. Relax & let your senses, putting away all sources of stimulus. Let the silence envelop you & let yourself just be.

Friday Rune Draw

Naudhiz :naudiz:

Naudhiz Keywords
Naudhiz Bright Stave

Thorsson, Edred. Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic: A Complete Guide to Interpreting Runes, Rune Lore, and the Art of Runecasting . Red Wheel/Weiser, 2018.


Lovely @Siofra_Strega! I have to tell myself to “Be Still” often. I’m getting better as I go along my journey but it is hard to mindfully make time for myself everyday. Beautiful card!

Blessed Be :heartpulse: :strawberry: :waxing_gibbous_moon:


I had that same thought! Then I did a reading of my own, and the card was “Responsibilities and Commitments!” Ack! :joy:


@debra2 I love your draws! We use the same deck. I love the Light Seer’s deck. The moment I saw it I knew that was the deck for me :heart_eyes:


Light Seer’s is among my favorites too! I had an immediate connection with it!


I needed to hear this one today. Be still. It’s so hard, even though it’s such a simple phrase. What does being still even mean? Just thoughts…