Feeling Crystals?

How do you feel the power of crystals? I have ben trying for years to “get the buzz” “feel the warmth” “Feel the tingling” but for some reason I can’t feel a thing. I have some large crystal points, I have recently cleansed and charged all my crystals…but I can feel nothing. I bought a Moldavite and held it for a long time, felt nothing, so I bought another, still nothing.

Do you feel the power? How do you do it? any tips or advice? I have been through youtube vids and followed their guidance, but still nothing. Stones however, do call out to me when I purchase them.


I have no affinity for crystals at all lol I mean, I love them for their beauty and the energy that they hold, but I don’t feel the tingle, as you’ve said. I don’t think you’re alone in that.


Crystals are amazing and sentient, but I think you need to develop a relationship with them, and sometimes it can take a while to feel anything for (or from) them.

The more you work with them, the more you create a bond, just like the one between a musician and their instrument, or a reader and their books.

Having said that, we all resonate with different tools as there is spirit in everything. Some people are more drawn to the animal and plant kingdoms, others are drawn to rocks and stones. :gem:


I love working with crystals and I feel like i’m pretty knowledgable about them. I have done lots of research about them (reading books, articles, videos).

To really connect and feel something from your crystals I suggest working with one at a time instead of multiple. I suggest to meditate, concentrate, write down feelings & thoughts, sleep with, carry it around with you in your purse or whatever. I would work and focus with one crystal for at least a week and at most a month. So the crystal can really get to know you and you get to know the crystal. Say for example a good majority of people suggest that everyone should work with Lepidolite. And you get it and work with it for a while but still nothing. Well then that usually is a sign that the crystal just doesn’t resonate with you. Most people think that every crystal out there is guaranteed to work but thats not entirely true. Just like how some medications work for some people and others it doesn’t. Not every crystal out there will work for everyone. I have bought crystals where I thought I was really pretty, great benefits but they just ended up not working out. But thats okay!

I hope this helps you! If you have any questions about crystals feel free to message me! :two_hearts: :dizzy:


@Missa thank you so much. Last night I started holding my crystal, laying it on my shoulder and slept with it. I talk to it also. I was so drawn to it…had to have it! Think it is being cautious lol lol



I found the post intriguing as to different peoples experiences with crystals.
Personally I have always felt the Vibrations of different crystals even before knowing that they had an energy. (Before I started my path)
I have found that your connection with crystals is much like humans or animals. I find that some have a natural connection and you feel a strong pulse sensation, some you have to get to know them first. Some even have a very soft pulse, gentle feeling (Rose quartz for me!)
Try cleansing and charging your crystal so he feels fresh and clean.
Rub your hands together to create Chi (Energy life force) and visualise that ball of energy with your minds eye.
Meditate with your crystal or simply just hold it.
Write down for 30 mins how did you feel?,what emotions are coming through?,can you feel any different sensations in your body?Any thoughts?

Remember attuning to a crystal doesn’t always have to be a physical sensation, but also a mind and inner-body feeling.

Hope that helps in some way
Jack )0(


That’s a good point too! Just like with people, some crystals and tools can create an instant attraction, sometimes unexplainable; while others just don’t.

Thanks for sharing that set of questions! it’s a great trigger for journaling today! :pray:


Thank you I will try all of that. I just cleansed and charged it. I am going to do only one at a time and see what happens. I know I was drawn to them, or I never would have purchased them. I have seen some almost identical and feel nothing for them… I will do the chi and see what happens, I do hold it while meditating.


If I meditate with a crystal I feel more connected to it. I carry them with me too but I only work with one at a time for a while or choose one to work with before using others. I found that if I hold them for a second before creating a crystal grid I feel more connected to the stones too. It took a lot of working with the stones before I felt anything. I had a similar post a few months ago. I just didn’t get it. It’'s been quite the learning curve working with them. I do have some that I don’t use in practice, I like to know more about them before I use them.


Beautiful answer!!! :relaxed::sparkling_heart:


And, the more you work with it, or carry it with you, the more you’re used to is and may not notice the energy of the crystal.


Be aware of sensations or feelings in your body.
Emotions. Sometimes the crystal will trigger a feeling sesnsation or emotion. Even thoughts.
The tingle is great but they have so much more to offer. When you sit fown with a crystal.
Take note of your thoughts feelings emotions and how you feel.physically., then begin with your crystal.
Knowing where you are before you start can really help you sense changes thst come from the crystal. Bb


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These are great tips for sensing and connecting with crystals. Thank you for sharing them! :pray:

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