Finding a new name…

Merry meet my fellow spell casters! After the longest while, I’ve decided I want to have a new witch name. I’ve tried looking for good names, however that has been a bit difficult. So, I thought, “why not let my coven help choose a name for me?” So I’m asking you wonderful witches for help with a name. I ask that the name is gender neutral (maybe more on the feminine side) and if you need it, my numerology number is 1. Thank you! Blessed be.


Good morning @Ragana, I found my witch name in pieces. The first part is where I was when I started & the second part is witch in Italian, but because through the last 2 years, I have found my roots… & connected with the roots that are genuinely mine. Those roots are heavily Italian & Irish rooted so I chose Siofra_Strega… Siofra is “changeling, mischievous, elf, fae” in Celtic & Strega is witch in Italian. So for right now it still fits. My practice is still a bit chaotic, it’s slowly becoming more of a streamlined process, but where I happen to be, it’s working as I hone in on the process.

I did find a website to assist with your name using numerology. I personally don’t know enough about numerology to suggest a name based on it, but this site may be able to help How to Choose Your Witch Name Using Numerology as Your Guide

If you do decide to change your username we have a guide on how to do so:

:name_badge: How to Change Your Name and Username on Spells8 should you have any issues, feel free to reach out to the moderator team, & one of us will happily assist you getting your name changed on your profile.


@Ragana names are so much fun! Are you called to a certain culture? Do you love astrology or plants or the sea? What’s your favorite color? I don’t know you well enough to give many suggestions, but I found this list of gender neutral pagan names and some of them are spectacular!
Hope it’s helpful!


Here are some I love!

Vega Celeste
Rowena Prue ( which isn’t really gender neutral)
Aeolus Bran (Aeolus means wind and Bran means raven)
Cerridwen (fair as a poem) Hazel
Rowan Sage
Tanith Selene (two moon goddesses)

This link is good too.


Merry meet @Ragana,

How exciting about the search for your new witch name! :star_struck: Like Siofra said, sometimes names come in pieces- your new name may reveal itself to you in part or through hints. But no matter how long it takes, you will eventually find the words that resonate with you :heart::blush:

Do you have any favorite plants? Crystals? Deities? Tarot cards? Etc?

Aspects of your Craft that are very powerful to you are great “compass points” towards the things that mean the most to you, and thus can help you find a name that truly embodies who you are and what you love :compass: .

@AileyGrey That’s an awesome collection of witch names- what a great resource for brainstorming! :star_struck:


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