📛 How to Change Your Name and Username on Spells8

Warm greetings to all!

Are you new to Spells8 and want to change your name as it appears in your account? :person_raising_hand:

Or perhaps you’ve just discovered your Magickal/Witch Name and want to update what shows on your profile? :mage:

Or maybe you just want a fancy new username! :name_badge:

Here is how to do so!

Where Does My Name Appear on Spells8?

On Spells8 you have two names :

(1) Your username
→ This name appears next to your posts. It is the name other users will use when they want to tag you or mention you in a post.

Your username (along with your chosen avatar/picture) is your main identification in the forum. Your username does not appear on the main Spells8 site.

(2) Your account name
→ This is the name you used when you signed up for Spells8. It may or may not be the name associated with your billing. It may or may not be your full name, depending on what you entered when you signed up.

Your account name appears in three places:

  1. Your Spells8 account details (private)
  2. Your profile here in the Spells8 Forum (public)

  1. The sneak preview of your profile when someone clicks on your avatar in the forum (public)

How to Change the Name on Your Spells8 Account (Your Account Name)

If you want to shorten or change the name that appears on your account (as well as on your profile and profile sneak peek), you can do so! :+1:

In order to change your account name, please:

  1. Go to spells8.com

→ Your account name cannot be changed through the forum- it can only be changed through your main Spells8 Account on the main site!

  1. On the main Spells8 site, move your mouse cursor over “Account” :computer_mouse:. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on “My Account”

  1. Welcome to your account page! Here you can change both your account name and your email address.

  1. When you have typed the name you want on your account, click “Update your profile”.

→ Note: It may take some time for the system to update your name on the main site and also in the forum. Thank you for your patience!

How to Change Your Username in the Spells8 Forum

If you want to change the username that you go by in the forum, you can do so- but only within the first 14 days of your membership ! :+1:

:exclamation: If your membership is older than 14 days, your username cannot be changed manually. Please create a new private message and write #moderators in the recipient box to contact the Staff Team for help, or comment below.

In order to change your username, please:

  1. Click on your avatar (aka your profile picture) that appears on the top right-hand corner of any page in the forum. A drop-down menu will appear when you click.

  1. In the drop-down menu, you will see four different icons on the top: :bell: a bell, :bookmark: a bookmark, :email: an envelope, and :bust_in_silhouette: a person. Click on the person icon :bust_in_silhouette: .

  1. Now, in the new drop-down menu, you can see options to choose. Click on “Preferences”

  1. Scroll down until you see your username and profile picture. Click on the small pencil icon next to your current username :pencil2:

  1. Enter your username of choice!

If the name you want is already taken, please try different options or ways of spelling it (example: Fiona could be Fiona1, Fiona_Witch, Fiona_Goddess, Fi0na, etc.)

Please note that forum usernames must be all one word - they cannot include spaces! There is also a limit of 20 characters in your username .

Were you able to successfully update your account name and/or username? If so- awesome! :partying_face:

If not, no worries- please post in the comments below and a member of the Spells8 Staff Team will help you :+1:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you for posting this! Of course, I won’t mind if I have to change it for someone, but it’s a great resource because sometimes immediately after being in the forum, you think of a name you’d like to have for here. Perfect! Well done! :two_hearts:


Thanks so much for working on this! I’ve bookmarked it in case anyone asks. You did a great job on it!


Thank you so much @Siofra_Strega and @Amethyst! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s all worth it if it can help someone out :grinning: :+1:


I hope the newer members see this si they know that they have other options.


Cheers to that- always great to have the resources and knowledge on hand! :blush:



It looks like changing the forum username is not available anymore :c

Can you help me with it, please?

Thank you!


So can I change my user name to August since my real name is August Wanderingthought?
And my account is older than 14 days so I believe I’ll need some assistance please. :blush::heart::+1:t4:


@RyuWyn – I can help! Send me a message and ill get your name changed :blush::blush:

@August_Wandering – I’ll get yours changed right now :blush: edit:: I made it August_Wandering because August wasn’t unique enough for the forum software and August_Wanderingthought was too long. Please let me know if this is okay :blush:


@MeganB the name was changed for @August_Wandering has been resolved in the original topic also.


That works just fine. Anyone who gets to know me will know my full name. Thank you! :pray:


You’re welcome!


@RyuWyn I’m happy you popped in & have found a meaningful name! I hope your studies are going well :heartbeat:


Hey Siofra!

It’s so good to see you! I hope you and your loved ones are okay and happy :heavy_heart_exclamation:

My studies are going well, so many challenges but I feel different, maybe more mature, so that’s good! Haha

I can’t wait to join another weekly challenge or see you in a meeting. I’ve been missing you all so much!

May mother moon keep lightning your way :first_quarter_moon:


We are good & have come a long way in the last few months.

I have been studying different forms of healing & working with energy & being an Empath. I touch back on astrology & other things. But right now that’s where I’m concentrating, right now I’m reading about Chakras the main 7 & beyond the main 7 Chakras.

I hope you get to return to the challenges soon! We look forward to your entries!


Congrats to @RyuWyn and @August_Wandering on your lovely new usernames! :partying_face: :mirror_ball: :sparkles:

(And a big thanks to @MeganB and @Siofra_Strega for making the name-changing magic happen :blush::heart:)


I’m glad to know that you all are okay :slight_smile:

I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 4 years and I’m impressed with how the chakras deal with everything in your life. Now that you mention being an Empath, I remember reading a post here a couple of months ago and it looks like I am too, I’m still trying to understand it and how to manage it without feeling overwhelmed sometimes. How is it going for you?


¡Gracias! :heart:

I’ve chosen this name a few months ago and I’m feeling great so fart. RyūWyn meaning: Ryū: It’s dragon in Japanese, I’ve found out that’s my spirit animal :dragon: and Wyn comes from the word Wyna which means ‘Something that inspires love and compassion’ in Myusca, an indigenous language in my country.


Yes! Thank you @MeganB and @Siofra_Strega for the help! And thank you Bry for the sweet compliment.


@August_Wandering It’s my pleasure- sweet people deserve sweet compliments! :heart: Congrats again to you, August! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@RyuWyn I think your name is a beautiful combination of treasured influences that reflect who you are- you found a really special one, RyuWyn! :dragon: :two_hearts: May you wear it with pride! :tada: