First Devotional to Thoth

Today I completed my first devotional to Thoth.

I lit a blue candle and offered him writings I made on Egyptian Papyrus.

I meditated and did my method of reaching altered states of consciousness.

I went deep in my mind, but on return, my wallpapers which are plain textured in design, were almost see through where the texture was flowing, moving full of symbols and symbolism which I could not understand.

But I know these would be just some of Thoths knowledge. There were symbols which looked like hieroglyphs, giant beetles and wow, how it was all moving, flowing, changing.

And being able to see the aether in the air is another wow.

A plain wallpaper turning into ancient symbolism…



@Temujin_Calidius sounds like it was very successful. Congrats


Congrats on your successful meditation and connection with Thoth, Tem! :raised_hands:

If I can offer a friendly suggestion, I’d recommend writing down, trying to recreate drawings, and recording everything you experienced in your journal or BoS :open_book:

The human mind does like to store things away (and sometimes forget!) so I’ve always found it helpful to immortalize any powerful visions or experiences in writing so I can look back on them later :blush:

Congrats again and thanks for sharing your amazing experience with Thoth! :sparkles:


Congratulations on your first devotional!! It sounds like it went very well!! Thanks for sharing your magical experience!!


WOW. That’s awesome that you connected so well. Way to go!


Thank you for sharing! It sounds like a great connection has been formed!


Today I was doing the cleansing ritual from the self initiation courses by cleansing all my altar objects with sage.

As I cleaned my tarot cards and was putting them away, all of them were in the box, but I had to fix the booklet up to make it close properly. As I did that, most of the cards fell out, but one of them flipped to reveal itself:

Thoth is linked to the moon:

I haven’t learned Tarot fully yet, but I do know to use intuition and first thoughts that come to mind when reading the cards, before using intellect learned from reading books.

The moon popped out, and the two towers. Gateway to Thoth.



Today is 11:11- often referred to as portal or gateway. It seems that your interest in Thoth, the Moon card, and the current date are all aligning… but for what purpose or message? Whatever it is, I imagine you will find out soon, Tem! :raised_hands: :grinning:


Yes, we shall see. I won’t be writing any new holy books thats for sure. Its a personal experience that I’d only share with the coven out of excitement and such :slight_smile:

For me its ascension of the soul, theurgic rituals, altered states of consciousness and balancing this daily devotion into my daily life to prepare for death and return.



Never say never!
1,000 years from today an alien life form will find this topic floating in the metaverse and everyone shall know the name of Temujin Calidius, Son of Thoth.


We need that tea recipe!!


Well. It wasn’t exactly a tea. Its extracted from certain species of Acacia though :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on making some flying ointment with one of the plants I found in my yard, and so far, I’d say it’s effective! All I need to do is combine the oil I infused with that particular plant (I don’t know if it’s really appropriate to go into specifics in public because I don’t exactly want to encourage others to do the same thing or to mess around plants that they’re not familiar with :sweat_smile:), and all I need to do is combine it with some beeswax to finalize the ointment! :heart_eyes_cat:

So uhh… if you (or anyone else reading this!) has any good recipes for flying ointment that you’re willing to share, I wouldn’t complain about receiving any in my DMs :sweat_smile: I’ve been researching flying ointments for almost 2 months now, and it’s so hard to find much specific information other than the same 5 or 6 recipes that all resources state are dubious given the history surrounding Witchcraft and mainstream society’s attempt to propagate lies about Witchcraft and Pagan beliefs in general :3


Yeah, recipes for flying ointment on Google aren’t really going to get the results you want.

But if you do some research into some alkaloid contained in specific acacia plants or mimosa hostilis, you’ll find something called the “spirit molocule”. You can probably search those keywords and find out what it is, how to extract it and what it has been traditionally used as. It’s something you can do at home. Much like some fungi.

This isn’t really the community to discuss in detail any methods or recipes and there are specific communities for discussion on these keys to other dimensions.

I use these keys or tools in rituals and they need to be treated with utmost respect. If you are not well
grounded and mentally prepared, you can do some real damage to your mind, permanently.