First time altar

I set up my first altar today. One of my goals for the new year was to practice more. If you have any tips on how to make that easier for me i would love to hear them. Anything and everything helps.


Ooooo I love it! Anytime there are plants, feathers and Hekate, it captures my heart :green_heart: :herb: :feather: :hekate_wheel:

And to add for me I’m making new habits slowly so I don’t overwhelm myself. I have reminders for the weekly challenges, the weekly tea ritual and the next full/new moon.


It’s so pretty :green_heart:


Super beautiful :heart_eyes:


Pretty. Love all the greenery! :herb::potted_plant:


Beautifully done

This was my solution

As you can see it’s gone swimmingly so far :woman_facepalming:t2:


Beautiful setup. I’d just say work on meditation religiously for lack of better words . Also what helped me develop my practice is the lessons section here on Spells8. Gave me a guideline


Just my $.02 on the Witches Datebook. I ordered mine last week and was underwhelmed with it and returned it promptly. It just didn’t speak to me, was a bit too small and I had to admit it was just another thing I’d have to remember to carry with me. :woman_shrugging: I wanted to love it but it didn’t fit for me. I did enjoy all the little tidbits - the color of the day, herb information, planting/harvest dates, recipes, and spell information.


I think it’s a beautiful altar :heart: the most important part of any altar is that it works for you. If it is functional, practical, or devotional - it’s yours and it should be easy to use and a place you want to be!


It’s beautiful! All green and leafy!


Beautiful altar. I love the plants. What’s most important is that the symbols and objects work for you to draw you deeper into meditation and worship practices. Check out some of the ideas for altars on spells8 for more: Your First Pagan Altar: Basic Layout and Ideas – Spells8


@lisadoug98 I think it looks lovely! :heart_eyes: If it looks & works well for you then it’s perfect! I love :heart: the aesthetics of it! :star_struck:

I have 2 of them, both very different, & also doesn’t follow any specific layout or guide for altars. It’s just what feels right, looks good to me, & when I’m doing any type of work on or with them, it’s what feels right for me!

I actually just got new cloths for both of them that I can’t wait to put on them. They are very fitting for each one. Even with the cloths though, I do have items and things that I do outside of the cloths space. So whatever works for you is perfect for your practice! :revolving_hearts:

I like the skulls with the plants, flower, sabbat wheel (are those astrological symbols on it also?) with the feathers & candles. Hecate’s wheel :hekate_wheel: on the glass is awesome too! I can tell a lot went into your altar & whether intentional or not, you were able to incorporate all the elements also! It looks great & I believe it will serve you well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes it also has the astrology symbols


I saw them, but wanted to make sure :hugs: I love that plate it’s lovely! :revolving_hearts: I have a candle holder with astrology & zodiac symbols. I use it for different types of things. I really like your altar. Great job for your first one! :blush:


You altar is gorgeous, @lisadoug98! :green_heart: I love how you incorporated plants- it really brings life and nature into the space :herb: :sparkles:

Have you come across @Silverbear’s videos on “Quick Witchy Hacks”? It’s a series she did about small but powerful ways to add a bit of magick into your day. Here are some if you’re interested!

Complication of Quick Witchy Hacks

It can take some experimenting to find things that work for you, but once you do it all fits into your routine. Whether it’s stirring blessings into your tea or saying a quick gratitude prayer before bed or anything else- I hope you can find the perfect things for you and your practice! :blush:

Blessed be!


@MeganB has some great videos! I found this one very helpful!

Beautiful altar! :heart_eyes: :heart::blush::people_hugging::pray: