🕯️ Flickering Magic: How to Read Candle Flames, Meanings and Interpretations

Thank you, Krissie! Oh no. :rofl: I had it bookmarked the whole time. I need to bookmark the bookmark page so I remember to view it. My list in there keeps growing! LOL


I am guilty of that too. I have bookmarks & I am always forgetting to look at them. I should probably see what is in there too. :rofl:


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Well I just read this and wanted to share my recent experience. I made a candle in an empty 7 day jar. There just happened to be a roll of string on the counter. Normally I use pure cotton but I was in a hurry to get it done, dealing w post-COVID exhaustion have to push a lot. Anyway…part of what happened next is definitely related to the wick.
I wanted a hex candle to check the actions of a committed enemy. Over time and too close proximity, I eventually was face-to-face with a demon masquerading as a friend. He and his family were staying on my property, and because of surgery and illness I was diminished. He used this opportunity to create chaos and destruction in my life, as is his way. It took a lot to get him out, thankfully the city intervened and helped with his eviction. (Skipping details).
That was my impetus for the hex, because even after moving elsewhere he still seeks to intervene in my peace; it inspires him to further acts of random harm.
Back to the candle:
So the candle flared when I lit it, then a large section of the wick just poofed up and went out. There was a slumping cavern leading to a teeeny wick, almost buried in wax sides. Hmmm. I poked at it a few times, lit it again. Whoa. Poked more and lit again. Flicker, struggle. The next day I leveled the wax and lit one more time. It finally caught strong, but flicker flicker. I kept an eye on it; by the following day the candle was at least half gone or more with a big huge black smokestack around the top of the glass. Huh? By that evening I could smell this foul nasty stench coming from it all thru the house so I thought enough is enough, its gone. I took it outside to where he had stored his beloved car and went to pour out the stinking wax prior to extinguishing it. As i tipped the glass close to the ground it sort of exploded. HOE-LEE! So I thought, well, I’ll deal with this manana. And i did.
So the NEXT evening it seemed as if he came by. I couldn’t see that well, but there was a super loud car engine very nearby (his signature chariot of doom is a blown engine chevy hot rod) and then I saw a black car he (did) own slowly driving by. Also found 5 dead rats in my bedroom I am not kidding.
Then yesterday I heard that his black car was repossesed. Bring on the bad luck dude, you got it coming and then some.
You’ve done your worst to me. Now it’s my turn. Sorry but that’s how it is here. No rainbows and lollipops right now. Serious.


Thanks for sharing your experience, @Sara5! :blush: I don’t use hexes in my own practice (and that’s some scary stuff that happened after the spell!) but I can appreciate when justice finds its way to those who deserve it. And I’m grateful for your notes on the flickering flame during your spellwork- it’s interesting to hear about! :candle::star_struck:


I’m telling u I took it easy on him. Not my nature to revenge, why waste the energy the lost soul knows much better than u ever could how to completely destroy themselves.
But n this case the bad juju has built too high, it’s fight or flight. And he’s the coward. So I am confident and basically fearless, I carry the righteous sword, cut our the darkness. Ive am come back from hell and there’s hell to pay. As they say.


It sounds like you went through a lot, Sara- I think you are very strong for overcoming your challenges and coming back stronger than ever!

May your ferocity and power continue to light your way through any darkness you encounter :blush::candle:


Righteous! Revenge IS sweet, but also dangerous.
Next time try a simple mantra.
Light your candle and say

“May the cosmos bless and keep you

I don’t see any blowback from that.
Hopefully, he’ll move to Siberia. I hear that the weather is…um…nice,
this time of year. LMAO
Blessed be
Sending you Strength, Healing and Kindness.
(Secretly? “That a girl!”)