Candle Wax Question from Sissie

So, I know the topic is discussing candle flames but I couldn’t seem to find a topic on reading candle wax. I’m sure it’s somewhere within the forum but it continues to evade me.

So, I have 2 pictures of my first dressed candle. I’d appreciate it if you guys could help me in gaining more knowledge of reading candles and flames. Blessed be! Plenty of hugs and kisses on this wet, dreary day. :kissing_heart:


Hey there, Sissie :wave:t3: :blush:

I hope you don’t mind but I moved your comment to its own post so others can see it easily! I don’t know much about wax reading but I believe it’s been mentioned in a few places. I’ll grab some links for you :heart:

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And then just for reference, there’s a handy guide on how to use the search function of the forum if you ever need it :blush:How to Use the Search Function :mag_right:


Greetings, Sissie :blush:

Congrats on your candle spell! For reading candles and flames, my personal favorite is the Flickering Magick guide Francisco shared :candle:, and I can see Megan shared some additional amazing resources too :+1:

As for reading candle wax, I can’t say I’m a wax-reading expert per say, but I do study a lot of magickal symbolism for my Tasseography readings and finding shapes in tea leaves is a similar method of divination to reading shapes in candle wax :mag:

I’d be happy to give a reading a try, however, it’s a bit difficult to see shapes in these pictures- would you be able to show the candle from a bird’s eye (top down) point of view?

You could also give divining for shapes a try for yourself! I truly believe that the one who cast the candle spell will have the best interpretation, as you are the closest at heart to the issue and your personal readings will carry the most weight. Also, it may be easier than you think! :wink:

The following guide was written for tea leaf readings, but can be applied to wax readings, cloud readings, crystal ball readings, and other various forms of divination too

A Brief Exercise to Finding Personal Symbol Interpretations

Peer into your teacup and use your creativity to pick out shapes.

When you see a shape– a dog, a circle, a cloud, an angry face, anything at all– what does it make you think of first? Does it bring back any important memories?

How does this image make you feel? Look at it closely to pick out any distinguishing traits– does it look happy, aggressive, sad, running away, etc?

And finally, how can this image relate to my intention/the question I asked for this reading?

Considering all of these points can help you find a meaning for everything that your tea leaves reveal for you!

From Spells8: How to Read Tea Leaves

Good luck and blessed be, Sissie! :sparkles::candle:


Thanks beautiful! :kissing_heart:


I’ll be more than happy to give you a birds eye view. I appreciate the suggestions from you & @MeganB They gave me a much needed break down. :kissing_heart: Here’s the pic. Let me know if it’s good enough:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry The candle was used for purification, cleansing and self love. I’m just getting started and I’m more familiar with certain herbs than I am with others. So, for this candle I used rose, lemongrass, mugwort and a combination of protection & success oils. I also took a cleansing bath.


Everyone interprets slightly differently but in general you want as much of the wax burned to be consumed as possible.

Since the candle was burned as a purifying and protective work, I can say that it has already begun working. Very good results as shown by the even circular leftover with no excessive overflow on either side. It seems to “hug” the candle which is a good sign from my perspective.

Having said that, your candle and your craft are personal to you. I encourage you to connect with your intuition and keep looking at it to help develop your own insight and strengthen your craft.


Thank you.


I’m not familiar with reading candle wax. But seeing especially the second imagine, it really jumped at me and couldn’t ignore (looks cool too) I totally see The Tower tarot card. With the crisp burnt top, looks like the top exploded off, like lightening hit it, and the herbs are shatterings from the explosion.

Imagine from The Tower (Tarot card) - Wikipedia

Tarot, that I do read more so.
Some universal meanings applied to that card, The Tower: disaster, destruction, upheaval, trauma, sudden change, chaos (from Labyrinthos).

For spellwork, I’d use the more positive meaning of that card “upheaval” and “sudden change”. Whatever you did may come fast, work quick, it will probably feel like a rollercoaster ride.:roller_coaster:


Thank you for sharing the bird’s eye view and apologies for the delay, @Sissie! I can see you’ve already got some excellent readings and insights from both Francisco and Eliza :blush::+1:

You may have already formed your own personal readings of the wax which is awesome as, again- when it comes to reading spell results, the caster of the spell will always have the best and most relevant interpretation in my book! But in the hopes that it may help you find more insights or see a new angle, I’m happy to share what I saw in the wax for you to consider as well :mag: :blush:

As someone who primarily reads for tea leaves, that’s where my mind went first when looking at this candle, but since it is a wax reading I tried to look more at the shape of the wax as a whole :candle:


Two things immediately jumped out to me, which are:

:mouse: A creature, perhaps a mink or ermine is laying curled up in a small ball. It appears timid and defensive- almost like it is hiding from something or waiting for something to pass before moving.

:scorpion: The tail of a scorpion wraps around the rim of the candle- it is likely this presence that is containing the creature within. However, it is not actually touching it- it appears to be simply the aura or energy of the scorpion that is causing the containment of the mink. Also, the tail is not completely enclosed- there is a space for the mink to escape, if only it choose to turn around and see the exit.

Again, I’m not a wax reading expert and I’m only looking at the symbolism here, but from what I can see it looks like your lovely spellwork has revealed insights about a situation- someone (represented by the mink/ermine) is holding back or being repressed by something else (the scorpion- this may be a person who is a Scorpio :scorpius: or some other dark force, as Scorpio is tied to the darker worlds and the unseen). However, there is an escape- revealed behind your lovely herbs in the wax is a way out to freedom :door: :herb:

Whether it is something that is coming that you should avoid, or a message about a way out of a current situation is something you would have to explore for yourself. Either way, I hope these thoughts can help you in some way! :heart:

Thanks for sharing your candle spell remains, @Sissie- I hope you are able to unravel their meanings for you! :candle::two_hearts:


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