Flower Moon Too Powerful?

Hello all! I’m pretty new here. I was going to perform the flower moon and lunar eclipse rituals tonights, which are pretty easy. But on other forums, like reddit and others, witches are warning not to do anything tonight because the power is too strong and it might come back at you. I’m confused. Any thoughts?


Great question @nicola3 . I’d like to know too. :grin:


I know that because there is a Lunar Eclipse then you shouldn’t charge crystals under the full moon due to mixed energies. @christina4 & I were talking about this the other day!

That’s as far as my knowledge goes about it though. So anything else would be greatly appreciated!


Ive seen conflicting messages as well, but I know this family will be able to find the right answers :heartpulse: @Susurrus I was going to charge my crystals until I saw @christina4’s comment about the eclipse so I’m not doing that now, is moon water still ok to make I wonder? Thank you for posting this @nicola3 :heartpulse:


Good question! I’ve seen those things on social media too.

The problem with eclipses is that historically they have always been considered bad omens. Eclipses would signal all kinds of catastrophe and evil, so they are associated to very negative things.

The good thing is that a solar eclipse lasts for under 10 minutes, and a lunar eclipse maybe up to two hours. So in case of doubt it’s best to plan around it.

Ultimately, your Magic is personal to you. What matters most is what you believe and how you feel during that time.

What to do during an eclipse? Do a simple Journaling ritual or shadow work, and meditate during the eclipse. If you feel like doing so, maybe cast a circle or other protective work but if the timing doesn’t feel right in general, simply wait it out.

Regarding your spells backfiring, here’s my answer to that in a previous topic: Fear destroys power.


This moon information is from the past, but no fear! Feel free to explore the moon-magick tag to find current moon information and resources :crescent_moon: :sparkles: