Fluorite Information πŸ’Ž


Mineral Family: Halide
Structure: Calcium Fluoride
Hardness: 4
Numerology Vibration: 9
Chakra: All of the Chakras
Zodiac: :balance_scale: Libra, Capricorn :capricorn:, :pisces: Pisces
Element: Wind :wind_face:
Planet: Mercury :virgo:
Color Purple, lilac, golden-yellow, blue, pink, black, champagne :champagne:, brown

Crystal Council give the properties of:
Exercising and sports, decisiveness, balance, clarity, protection, grounding, cleansing, balancing polarities, sense of purpose, mental enhancement, self discipline.

*Pure Fluorite is colorless.
*Fluorite glows when exposed to a UV light.
*It’s used to lower the melting point of metal during the production of aluminum.
*The word Fluorite originates from the Latin word, Fluere, which means to flow.
-Soft Schools

Some of the worlds most prized Fluorite specimens come from Swiss and French Alp deposits where the crystals occur as simple octahedrons (having 8 sides) and range in color from a delicate pink to a rich red.
-Desert USA

The largest Fluorite producing countries include China, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, and Spain. -Science Direct

Heres a clear to light lilac mushroom :mushroom: fluorite:

A rainbow :rainbow: slab:

A tower::tokyo_tower:

Tumbles and a rough piece :jigsaw::

A purple beauty:

The best for last, in it’s natural form (cube) and on a host rock, calcite:


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I have a fluorite pendant & a couple of small pieces of it. I had no idea that it would react to a UV light. I knew that Mangano Calcite did though.

I mean, I guess it could be me. Honestly I haven’t worked with any crystals really lately either. I’m really slacking in the witchy department the last week or so. Just looking at the properties, maybe I’m the one that needs to work with it? It could be multiple people though too!


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Yeah the UV light is pretty cool. There’s a lot of stones that react to the UV. I need to get one!!!



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Thank you, I did! I’m still playing around with it, not sure how I feel about it quite yet lol.


I would buy that!! It’s fine the way it is, in my opinion.