Fluorite Information ๐Ÿ’Ž


Mineral Family: Halide
Structure: Calcium Fluoride
Hardness: 4
Numerology Vibration: 9
Chakra: All of the Chakras
Zodiac: :balance_scale: Libra, Capricorn :capricorn:, :pisces: Pisces
Element: Wind :wind_face:
Planet: Mercury :virgo:
Color Purple, lilac, golden-yellow, blue, pink, black, champagne :champagne:, brown

Crystal Council give the properties of:
Exercising and sports, decisiveness, balance, clarity, protection, grounding, cleansing, balancing polarities, sense of purpose, mental enhancement, self discipline.

*Pure Fluorite is colorless.
*Fluorite glows when exposed to a UV light.
*Itโ€™s used to lower the melting point of metal during the production of aluminum.
*The word Fluorite originates from the Latin word, Fluere, which means to flow.
-Soft Schools

Some of the worlds most prized Fluorite specimens come from Swiss and French Alp deposits where the crystals occur as simple octahedrons (having 8 sides) and range in color from a delicate pink to a rich red.
-Desert USA

The largest Fluorite producing countries include China, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, and Spain. -Science Direct

Heres a clear to light lilac mushroom :mushroom: fluorite:

A rainbow :rainbow: slab:

A tower::tokyo_tower:

Tumbles and a rough piece :jigsaw::

A purple beauty:

The best for last, in itโ€™s natural form (cube) and on a host rock, calcite:


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I have a fluorite pendant & a couple of small pieces of it. I had no idea that it would react to a UV light. I knew that Mangano Calcite did though.

I mean, I guess it could be me. Honestly I havenโ€™t worked with any crystals really lately either. Iโ€™m really slacking in the witchy department the last week or so. Just looking at the properties, maybe Iโ€™m the one that needs to work with it? It could be multiple people though too!


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Yeah the UV light is pretty cool. Thereโ€™s a lot of stones that react to the UV. I need to get one!!!



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