🆕 Forum Feature: Announcing the Tagging System!

:warning: You may have received a notification that your post(s) have been edited- no need to worry! It is just the moderator team adding tags. Please read on for more details!

Warm greetings,

Some of you may have noticed a brand new feature in the forum:

The Tagging System! ←

There are now tags in the forum- these tags function primarily like hashtags on other sites.

You will see them appear in two places:

  1. Listed next to discussion names on the main page of the forum

  1. Listed beneath the title of the discussion in the discussion thread

Note that some discussions may have multiple tags and some may not have any tags at all- it depends on the main topic(s) of the discussion in question!

How Can Tags Help Me?

Tags have been added to the forum to help keep the forum organized and make content easier to find than ever before!

Just looking for spells? On the hunt for posts related to crystals?

By clicking on a tag, you will immediately get a list of all discussions directly related to that topic.

Give it a try!

For a full list of current searchable tags, please visit the follow page:

ALL Spells8 Forum Tags

How Can I Tag Posts?

At this time, only users who have reached Trust Level 2 have the ability to add tags to their own posts.

To do so, look for the Tag Box when you create a New Topic:

Adding tags to your post is optional. Tags can only be added to the main/first post within a discussion- they cannot be added to replies.

Please note that the group-ritual and challenge tags are reserved for the original group ritual/challenge posts (and not replies or conversation off-shoots). This is to help make these activities easy for people to find!

Important Notes About Tags:

At this time only moderators can create new tags. But Trust Level 2 (and above) users are free to add current tags to their posts, and everyone is welcome to utilize the Tag System to make searching a breeze!

The Mod Team is constantly working to monitor and add relevant tags to discussions- at times, you may receive a notification that your post has been edited. Look for a tag- a Moderator may have simply labeled your discussion with a tag to make it easier for people to find the future. This means your content related to the topic is valuable!

Thank you for your help and understanding as we work to make the forum even easier to navigate and use! :pray::blush:

:exclamation: If you are searching for things in general, don’t forget that you can also always browse using the Forum Categories :bookmark: ! And if there is something very specific on your mind, feel free to use the Forum Search Tool :mag:


If you have any questions about tags and how to use them, please feel free to share them here!

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Cool new features :slight_smile: Thank you!


I saw them a couple days ago. I think they’re helpful!


I seen @Susurrus has been busy tagging mah posts! Love it hehe


@Temujin_Calidius I woke up earlier today than normal & have been going through the posts as they appear for suggested threads. :rofl: I think I have done a number of @christina4’s posts too! :clap:


Cool beans! A big thank you for working on the site to provide us with this resource!


Thank you for your kind words, everyone! :heart: It’s all thanks to the great @Francisco- I know he worked hard to get the new tagging feature up and running! :tada:

@Susurrus you are amazing- thanks for all the work you’ve been doing getting posts sorted into tags! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And oh, I forgot to add it in-

As moderators are working on adding tags, you may get some notifications that your posts have been edited. It’s just us adding in tags to old posts! No need to worry :grin:

I’ve added this note to the top of the post!


I saw you! :joy: But the newer ones, I try to do myself so nobody else has to. But you got me on the older ones! Thank you!


Every time I go into the forum @christina4, 1 of your affirmations posts finds me from last year. :rofl:

You’re welcome @BryWisteria, I had no plans & was done with everything around my house yesterday, so I just worked on it a little bit each time. :heart:


This guide has been updated with new information and recent changes about using tags in the forum! If you’re curious about tags and how to use them, feel free to check out the new changes :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


A post was split to a new topic: Missing New Topic Button

We have been implementing some new tags on popular topics to make finding related content easier for everyone- as such, many posts are now being labeled with the new tags!

So if you see a notification about a Moderator editing one of your posts, no fear- it is likely just us adding the tag to the topic :grinning: :+1:

Blessed be!


Woo! :partying_face:

When I try to apply tags to something, the UI will show me popular tags and then, to get any others, I have to start typing. Often, my mind draws a blank and I can’t think of words.

Is there somewhere we can see a list of all the available tags?

Edit: Right after I ask, I find it in the original post.



Yes, you’ve got it! :blush: That’s the best place to check- I have to swing in there from time to time too because I do exactly the same thing haha. So many tags! There are some that I forget to use :joy:

Thanks for using the tagging system, Katerina! :heart: :raised_hands:


Oh, I have to check them for the same reason! I forget which ones we have then I’m like… oh wait! & check them to see if I missed any :rofl:


We’ve got some new faces in the forum (welcome! :heart:) so just bumping this guide for the new folks!

A gentle reminder that if you see a notification that your post was edited it may just be your friendly mods some adding tags :label: When a tag is added to your post it makes it easier for fellow coven members who are studying the topic/something related to find it in the future (via the Tag Search System).

Additionally, if you’re not able to add tags or aren’t sure about what tags to add to your post, don’t feel pressured to add them! The mods will add the relevant tags when they reach your post :grinning: :+1:

Blessed be!


You mods are the best! I appreciate the amount of work you all put into helping posters, organizing the forum and keeping the forum a safe and welcoming space for a wide variety of comfort zones.:heart_hands: :heart_hands: :heart_hands: Much love to you all!!!



And much love to you all, too!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Without everyone here, we wouldn’t have anything to do!


Awwww thank you, Artemisia! :heart: The forum is a very special place full of such wonderful people (like yourself!) - we just try to help keep that good energy flowing!

So much love and appreciation to you too :hugs: :two_hearts: Blessed be!


Just a small heads up that, in honor of current celestial events, there is a brand new tag in the forum: eclipse

Feel free to use it to help you quickly navigate to and find information and the eclipses and magick during this special time! :black_circle: :sparkles:

(We will be going back and adding the new tag to relevant posts - if you see a notification that your post has been edited, it may just be a Mod adding the new tag!)