God the creator

What do u think God has to say about witchcraft :heartbeat:
Does anyone here have God as a deity?


Wow! @amara That’s a loaded question!!!

So here’s what I believe…
There is good in all religions, and many paths to salvation (enlightenment) but only one divine energy source, whatever that is for you.

I was raised Christian, so I understand that many religions consider witches evil. But the bible is full of miracles! And what are miracles? Magic? Yes, miracles are just another word for magic!

I work with many different helpers, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Fairies, Ancestors, Dragons, and many more. I am not religious, I am spiritual, so as an empath, I follow my heart.

In conclusion, religions instill fear and have strong opinions regarding witches. ‘God’ loves all of us, and witches too.


I’m not a Christian by any stretch of the word but I know we have many Christian witches here in the coven! I also did an interview with two Christian witches on this very subject if you want to take a listen. I’ll share the video here :blush:


That was a great reply, u know I have been thinking about it lately, considering I was raised by a Christan family
Thanks :heartbeat:


Thanks :heartbeat:
I will watch the video


You’re welcome :blush:


I appreciate this video and the two ladies who shared their thoughts. I think the conversation about the many translations brings up a very valid point about scripture. There has been a lot lost in translation, not to mention the process the original manuscripts came from. They were painstakingly hand written and I can imagine the scribes falling asleep and smearing the ink! So a lot was lost in the process. I’d like to look into the practices of different Hebrew tribes that was mentioned, the ones that made each tribe unique. That is a very interesting subject and I bet we would find ourselves surprised at how they practiced their faith.

I am still attending my Methodist church, I teach Sunday School and I sing in the choir. I am letting go little by little because here’s the thing: I don’t identify Christian. I identify Wiccan. I love the people I have worshipped with as of they are family, but I am not “out” to them. I’m pretty sure they would not accept it.

I think Christianity and loving Jesus are two different things. I love Jesus. I want to be like Jesus. I just haven’t decided who Jesus is to me anymore. So many things have been done in His name that He would never do.

I find myself pulling away from Christianity. I used to read the Bible and pray daily. Now I practice gratitude and mindfulness, and I study my Craft. I am happier than I have ever been in my life.

I don’t believe in Hell or Satan anymore. I believe good and evil exists in all of us and what we choose to act on is our responsibility. None of this “The Devil made me do it” mumbo jumbo. I don’t believe in the biblical Heaven, either. I believe in the Summerland. I’ve seen my family there in my dreams and visions. It’s beautiful.

So many people believe only Christians do good things. But I have seen people from all beliefs and some that are atheists do wonderful things for others and they did it because they had a heart for it.

This is a long reply and I am sorry, but the video made me realize I am not alone. I am “out” to my family and a few friends, but I intend to be completely open about this eventually. Even if it means breaking from the church. My core beliefs have changed so
much I no longer recite The Apostles’ Creed. It is no longer my creed.

I am still a little afraid of Lilith…

That will take time.

Thanks for accepting this epistle of my thoughts. And thanks for the video!


I really appreciate you taking the time to write all this out, and this comment right here :point_up: is exactly why I do what I do and talk to who I talk to! Being here on the internet has exposed me to so many different beliefs, some that mesh with witchcraft and some that don’t. I am always so surprised and in awe of everyone’s story that gets shared with me and I appreciate yours just as much :heart:


Truth be told I have my beloved Goddess and her God-husband, so I can answer yes. It’s not that I’ve lessened God the Father but after so many years someone said simply, “How can their be a father God and not a mother Goddess?”
That was my epiphany. MY truth, as it were, but I ask no one to believe as I do, it’s too personal and everyone must believe what they are led toward. Let no one tell you different.
Witchcraft is also a choice but my question is , why would I be given these wonderful gifts and the comradery of my fellow witches here on Spells8. It’s my calling and I’ve never been happier.
I’m sending out strength to those in need.
Love and blessings


I agree, Garnet! I find the Goddesses to be very empowering. I am not being called at this particular time to a male deity. I work with Mother Earth and The Triple Moon Goddess. Balance is important, and I hope I can connect with one, but it just isn’t time yet. But if God is the Father (in Christianity) it only makes sense to have a Mother as well. It is very personal, and no one’s path is wrong. It’s what resonates that matters.


Thank you so much, and thank you for what you do! You are always bringing info to the table and I’m loving every minute if it!


Too many wars have been fought over what people believe God thinks. I think that is pretty compelling evidence no person on this planet has a direct line to God or any idea what he/she/it/they think and if they do, so what? For all we know, God (in any incarnation as you understand him or her) is chiefly concerned with one ant on a single blade of grass and everything else is just gravy to God.

The question isn’t what God has to say about witchcraft. The question is can you be true to the beliefs you were raised with and also be a witch. No one here can answer that for you. That is a question you must look into your heart to answer.


I appreciate ur comment and how u broke it down into better understanding, in the video I feel the part I love most, is where she said “he created it and for us to use it”
I feel God did many miracles in the Bible and he said we can do such if we have faith, just like the pastor’s and other perform miracles in his name, I feel everyone has the magick to do theirs in different ways
If u know the African culture, we have native doctors who are pastor’s and they worship God in smaller images and use juju to do other things



U know I ask my self the question too
When I trying to connect to HECATE, I started asking myself if am right reaching out to another diety


Thanks sweetheart I really loved that answer :heartbeat:
Thanks everyone, ur beautiful replies has taught me alot


I do! I have been doing A LOT of reading and soul searching on this topic. I find so many similarities between what I have been taught in Christianity and what I am learning about witchcraft that it is really hard for me to understand why so many people see witchcraft as “bad”. There is science behind energy and how it moves in the universe. There is science on how people can affect energy. We have photographs of auras. It’s real. There is also science and research that has been done on setting intentions and goals and focusing your energy on a task to accomplish it. Christians (and I dare say every other religion) do this! Christians pray…. Is that not setting an intention and putting your energy to it? Christians pray together… combining their energy for a common goal. The Wiccan Rede (though you do not have to be Wiccan to be a witch) says do no harm. I’m pretty sure God is ok with that! Witches love and respect nature: God tells us to be good stewards of the earth. I’m witches use oils and herbs and stones to heighten their senses, to help them focus, and to protect themselves, they are simply using the bounty God has given them.
There are Christian mystics who have visions, see and speak with angels, make prophecies. These people exist even back to the beginning of Christian history and are celebrated as having gifts of the spirit. Isn’t that the same as what we are doing?
God has many names and many forms, even in the Bible. Witchcraft has been villainized by men who were seeking control over women. Witches became evil and bad in a power play by the church.
I am at peace now with the fact that I can be both a Christian and a witch. I guess it’s really how you frame your thinking on things. I am eager to read others’ thoughts as well.
I read the book My Journey as a Christian Witch and found it exhilarating. Check it out! I just don’t see how God could be upset when you are sending goodness out into the world, nurturing His earth, and trying to find ways to become closer with the Universe as a whole. In my journal I wrote that the only difference Insaw between Christianity and being a witch (so far) was that as a Christian I have been taught that I should call on God to find the strength I need to live my life to the best of my ability. As a witch, I’ve discovered that I already have that power inside myself. (I know it sounds very Wizard of Oz-ish, but it made so much sense to me at the time!). If you are comfortable with God as your deity, Stick with it!


That really explain it all, u broke it down to everyone understanding :heartbeat:,I think God shouldn’t frown at people for being who really they are, witches are one of the most beautiful people on Earth and their respect to the universe and love for the universe is really beautiful
But what of witches that practice dark magic that people always regard as sorcery??
I ask because I feel my path is towards dark craft


@amara I think the universe must have a healthy balance of light and dark. If you are not harming anyone and you are striving for a higher understanding of yourself and the universe, what could the problem be?


I know, late once again, I was raised in a Roman Catholic family. I mean the only thing stricter is Irish Catholic… just my luck my grandfather is Irish & my grandmother is Italian.

I had a lot of questions & when it was painfully obvious that they weren’t appreciated, i started not paying much attention & still somehow managed to get confirmed in the Catholic church. I never thought about that :joy: if anyone was was full of questions during that time, it was me :rofl:

I wouldn’t say that I’m religious, but I am spiritual. I can’t wrap my head around 1 single God for all of it & that its up to that god what is right or wrong or who gets a pass & who doesn’t. I believe in Gods & Goddesses & the natural cycles of Earth & the correlation between how 1 leeads ro the other & actually the Celtic path & paganism makes a lot of sense compared to the strict “rules” to live by of Catholicism. Being in tune with nature & its natural energy & seasons & circadian rhythms, moon & sun cycles with the energy of plants & animals. Thats what makes sense & works together… to me. These are my opinions & feelings that work withinmy practice.

I am a good person & some kind of healer & energy worker whether for myself or those close to me or both. However others view their beliefs is entirely up to them & what they have learned themselves through different experiences.


The Church thought of healers as witch women or conjurors. Let’s face it, everything in the bible was wrong and this is what that organization used to terrify and force ‘Pagans’ to the church. If you didn’t join? Think of the burning times.

At the time of the old and new testament , the Koran, etc. women & children were property, rarely thought as important as a man’s horse or dogs. Either could have been sold or killed without recourse.
In my personal journey, I read many religious books of many faiths. What rings true to me I keep, the rest is white noise to me.
My Goddess and Consort don’t really have a name, but I’ve met them while astral traveling. God was very like Zeus and Goddess fair and blonde, like Aphrodite or Venus. NOT them but like them.
As a Christian I was raised ‘fire and brimstone’. “Hellfire and eternal damnation”.
I think that is so, so wrong. The Beings I met were kind and loving. They are the Gods I believe in. They don’t rain death down upon people, People do that.
Precious love and energy