Gratitude Challenge ✨

Whilst pondering what I could do for this weeks lovely Gratitude Challenge I stumbled across these cute thank you cards on Amazon… :yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

… And I decided I was going to set myself a personal challenge to write a thank you card every day for a whole year! :sparkles:

Each day, I will pick someone who I really appreciate and am grateful to have in my life and I will write them a note thanking them :sparkling_heart:

Before I send them, I am going to take a photo :camera_flash: to remind me and at the end of the year turn the pictures into a photo book for my coffee table collection :orange_book: so I can reflect back whenever I feel like it :eight_pointed_black_star:

I decided I would write my own spell to bless my thank you cards with before I send them, as an extra special thank you to recipient!

I imagine I will bless a batch at a time and post after; a good day to do this would be a Friday as that day is ruled by Venus and favours friendships, relationships and love :heart:

Blessing Spell for Friends and Loved Ones :dizzy:

What you need:

  • 1 White Candle
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Tourmaline
  • Jade
  • Citrine
  1. Cleanse your area, cast a circle or do whatever it is you need to do to prepare for the spell :blush:

  2. Light your candle and breathe deeply until calm and centered :candle:

  3. Place your thank you letters next to the candle, take the crystals in your hands and whilst envisioning yourself encased in a pure white light :white_circle: say the following:

"Amethyst and Tourmaline,
Rose Quartz, Jade and Bright Citrine,
Empower this dear friend of mine,
With all the traits you do imbine.

Happiness, prosperity,
A bucket load of inner peace,
Love and kindness,
A healed whole heart,
Plenty of luck for each new start.

Protect them please from all who demean,
And encourage them always to follow their dreams,
For this friend of mine I am eternally grateful,
And wish to guide them away from all that is hateful.

All this I wish, for them, from me,
See this done, see it true, so mote it be!"

  1. Place your crystals :gem: on top of the letter and meditate for 5-10 minutes quietly thinking of your friends surrounded by the pure white light of your blessing.

  2. You can then blow the candle out- this can be used for other gratitude spells in the future :blush:

You can use this spell to bless a loved one in multiple different ways; for example by replacing the letter with a photograph of them, or just a piece of paper with their name on it.



Oh I love this :heart_eyes:
what a beautiful idea :heart:


Oh my gosh! What a lovely idea and a GREAT spell! You knocked this challenge out of the park @mrs! Way to go!


@Limeberry @kasie thanks lovelies! I was really feeling this one :heart:


@mrs, what a beautiful and generous idea! Thank you for sharing. I love the spell you created!


What a perfect idea!! I love everything about it: The challenge, the process, the spell, everything!!! :sparkling_heart:

And it’s a great idea to take a picture before sending them! Some of the recipients might take a photo themselves and forward it to you, but you never know! So it’s always best to keep the memory yourself!

Lovely post, Abs!! Thanks for sharing with us!! :pray: :grin:


Ohhhh @mrs, this is such a wonderful idea! :heart: The thought, creativity, intent, and your beautiful spellwork- it is all perfect :love_letter: And a great idea to bless them with that Friday/Venus energy too! :milky_way: You are so creative, I am truly in awe :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much for sharing your warm heart and beautiful magick! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@walter @TheTravelWitch @Francisco

Thanks guys! I really enjoyed this one :grin:


This is a wonderful spell you’ve created!