💖 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Giving Gratitude

Sure. Just credit it to Kasie Vik or Amejisuto. The latter is my pen name for writing. It means Amethyst in Japanese. I was on an anime kick when I chose it and it’s stuck to me since. I’m glad you liked it that much to want to use it. :blush:

You’re welcome LImeberry. I’m glad you liked it!

Thank you, I’m glad it’s been well received. I couldn’t think of anything else to do. LOL.


@TheTravelWitch_Bry @Amethyst @Francisco @Abs53

Thank you all for your concern and well wishes. We went out to survey the damage Thursday afternoon because Thursday morning we still had a lot of water everywhere. It’s been so dry, and we live in a hilly area, so the water is gone now. But our roads are really washed out. We live on a dirt road, so it’s an easy fix, but some roads around here are going to need a lot of work. There were 82 road closings in our county alone. We had some downed trees in our neighborhood. Two went down within inches of my neighbor’s house! All the schools were closed. My youngest was supposed to have Occupational Therapy, and they were closed.

@Francisco I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with the fires. Please stay safe. It is my sincere wish that people would take global warming seriously. I’m glad you’re ok, and I’ll add you to my prayer list


I’m glad you’re okay @PuppetMama! That sounds horrible, and there are other storms headed towards the Gulf I heard. Stay safe!


Thank you, everyone, for the kind words of support!! :pray:

Yesterday the smoke started to recede with the wind and we were able to breathe again. I am so grateful for it! I will prepare a topic about it. However, the news are still bad in many parts of Oregon and California.

@Amethyst That’s lovely!!! I can feel your passion through your words. So happy that you chose to share it with us! Keep it up!!

@christina4 Thanks for including us in your gratitude challenge!! :grin:


Thank you! I’m glad y’all liked it! I’ve found my muse again after being here with you guys. It’s very nice!


Guys sorry to hear about so much chaos in your lives. Hope things begin to get back to the best version of normal as possible. Keep you in my thoughts and prayers

Blessed be


This is a beautiful poem- thank you for sharing your gratitude and also your amazing writing talent, @Amethyst! :heart_eyes: The imagery you used is so lovely- I picture a beautiful autumn day, warm with love and appreciation for nature :national_park::maple_leaf: Thank you so much for sharing! :clap:

You are so sweet, @christina4- we are truly blessed and so lucky to have your warm, positive presence here! :heart: This is a perfect entry to the challenge- thank you for sharing your lovely gratitude and positive thoughts with us all. Your kindness always makes me smile! I know this weekend brought back some tough memories for you- I hope you had a soothing and reflective time and are feeling lighter and more at ease now. Good thoughts and lots of love to you! :hugs:

It sounds like there were some close calls- glad your house and your neighbor house are okay! I hope everyone is safe and that any damage from the storm is easy to fix :+1:. May the weather there be calmer now! Stay safe!

Thank goodness- I’m happy to hear it! :pray: May the weather continue to be good and calm there- stay safe!


Thank you to everyone who has shared their gracious challenge entries! :pray::blush:

A gentle reminder this challenge closes TOMORROW, SEPT 22 at 7:00AM CET!

For anyone who would like to participate but has not shared an entry yet, please do so before this deadline! Blessed Be :sparkling_heart:


Mines in a separate post this week :kissing_heart:

Gratitude Challenge


Thank you! I’m glad everyone seems to like it!


Good thoughts going out to all of you dealing with weather wrath Stay safe.

I took the time to sit back and think of what I am thankful for. This group is 1. I am thankful for my health, my fur babies, having food on the table and a roof over my head. with the pandemic growing once again here it is hard to stay positive but at least i know you are all here :slight_smile:


I have had a busy few days and have missed the group immensely! So first off for my gratefulness is my children, they are my reason and motivation to face each day with every good intention I have. I am grateful for my grandbabies because they remind me I am not as old as I sometimes feel… :joy: to always appreciate the little moments we have together. I am grateful for my husband, Tim. Because he balances my chaotic mind when I dont even realize how far gone I can become. I am grateful for each of you and the closeness I feel within our coven. I am grateful for Mother Earth and all its beauty. I am grateful for myself and my craft. I am grateful for every mistake that led me to better choices, for tears that showed me how to smile, and for Meditation that taught me how to slow down and just be, even for only 5 minutes.
My son and grandbabies came for a visit this past Thursday thru Sunday and we had a great time, which was so much needed.
I spent today cleaning the house, and moving things around. The energy in my home feels really great today!
I lit a candle and burned some dragons blood incense to kick off the mood for this Mabon celebration week.
Blessed Be,


Your gratitude letters are such a beautiful idea, @Abs53! :love_letter: Thanks again for sharing :heart:

You are very sweet, @Katt- I know the forums are thankful to have you! :heart: I hope all stays well and your positivity continues to flow- if you need to talk, we are here to help however we can! Sending lots of love and light your way :pray:

Welcome back, @Rowan! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you for sharing your warmth and all the blessings in your life- you have so many wonderful things to be grateful for! :heart: It sounds like you had a nice visit with your son and grandkids and have an abundance of positive energy there :two_hearts: I hope you have a blessed Mabon and enjoy the rest of the week :grinning:


:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED! :exclamation:

Thank you to everyone who joined in and shared the love! :heart:

A reward post will soon appear with shout-outs and prizes to all participants: keep an eye on the main page of the forums! :eyes:

Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:

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I’m so sorry that I missed the challenge! I haven’t missed one since I have been a member. I will definitely be participating in this weeks challenge though. I took a week or so off to deal with my anxiety and things at the house before school starts. I will talk to everyone and be sure to participate in the next challenge.


Yes, I do feel better but still not what I wanted. I may do my ritual over again.


No worries at all, @Siofra_Strega! :blush: I’ll have a brand new challenge out today- you are very welcome to join if you are feeling up for it! I know you have a lot going on right now and are dealing with a lot- your health is the most important thing and should always come first :+1: Take as much time as you need to rest and recover- there will always be future challenges and activities! I hope you are getting some rest after the recent stress in your life, and are already starting to feel better. Lots of love! :heart:

Glad to hear you are feeling better, @christina4! :two_hearts: Sometimes new experiences and insights can come when re-doing a ritual or spell. If you don’t feel complete with how it went, definitely give it another try and see if you can find closure! Good luck and let us know how it goes :raised_hands:


Sorry guys I missed the challenge. However, I did it tonight! I did the letting go ritual with the leaves. I set up my altar on my dining table. Decided I would leave it this way for the week of Mabon. I went and bought some fall-inspired items with the theme of the Equinox in mind. I gave thanks to many wonderful things in my life as well as discovery this Amazing site with all you wonderful people.

Yay! My first Mabon! May I continue to walk this amazing path and keep learning to elevate my spirituality.
Thank you,
Blessed be.


Wow. Nice looking altar there. I love the little owl in front.


@Amethyst, thank you very much! I love owls! I think could be my spirit-bird…I have various owls around…