Gratitude for Sunlight ☀️

Yesterday the Sun finally appeared back in the sky after two weeks of being obscured by wildfire smoke. I decided to make an altar to thank the Sun :sun_with_face: for this week’s Witchy Challenge!

There’s some ginger, lemon, rosemary, thyme, and of course bay leaf :herb: ,
and yellow flowers from the garden.

With the worst wildfire season ever recorded in Oregon, this is what the midday sky looked like from my home last week:

The Sun was there but it was so eclipsed you could see spots in it, and the sky was red in the morning and dark throughout the day. :frowning:

Yesterday the winds cleared most of the smoke and now we can go out and see the sky and the Sun again!! :pray:

I never felt more grateful for sunlight before! It’s so easy to take it for granted.

The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy. - Henry Ward Beecher

࿙࿚࿙࿚࿙࿚࿙࿚࿙࿚࿙﹆ :sunny: ﹆࿚࿙࿚࿙࿚࿙࿚࿙࿚࿙

Let the Sun shine on your soul!

And what I think is the most beautiful chant to the Sun to date: George Harrison’s Here Comes the Sun :musical_note:


What a lovely altar @Francisco! And looking at those pictures, you’re right to be thankful for seeing the sun again. Gosh. Still, I like your altar, it does look all sunny. Good job!


@Francisco, wow! Your Sun altar looks amazing! Gives off such a feeling of gratitude, rebirth,love and warmth! Very glad the :sun_with_face: is out again and the skies cleared for you! Stay safe!
Blessed be.


Thank you, @kasie and @walter!!

Yes! I placed everything right next to the window. I discovered a while ago that everything looks way more beautiful when it’s lit by the Sun! :sun_with_face:


A beautiful altar, and beautiful clear sunny skies! :sun_with_face: I know it was really rough there for a while- I am so glad to hear the weather has cleared for you, @Francisco! Awesome song too- thank you for sharing :grin: Enjoy that lovely sunshine! :yellow_heart:


I’m very happy that you have the sun back! Yes, I do agree that a lot of people take the sun for granted. I’m glad you are safe! And thanks for sharing!


Your altar looks stunning :heart_eyes: :sunny:
Also I :heart: The Beatles :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: