Greek Goddess Nemesis: Goddess of Retribution /Weekly Challenge

I have really come to admire this Goddess, Nemesis.

Also known by Rhamnousia or Rhamnusia and was sometimes called Adrasteia, probably meaning “one from whom there is no escape”.
Further meaning to one of her many names, “To give what is due…” the Greek word Nemein meaning, related to Nemesis.

Nemesis is the Greek Goddess of vengeance and retribution, personification of divine wrath.
It’s hazy on whom her parents were but Oceanus is listed throughout many platforms as being her father. She has as attributes a measuring rod, a bridle, scales, a sword and a scourge.

The Goddess Nemesis not only weighs the bad but she also weighs the good. She knows that it is possible in having too much of a good thing and when whomever has manipulated it.

I believe in retribution. I know that might make some cringe but I don’t personally follow the three fold law. I’m not sure where I am at with Karma either. The Divine, Source, our Celestial family, they work hard all the time. Between guiding us as humans, giving us life lessons… I believe that sometimes Source needs a break. I believe that some things that need to be addressed in the moment, get overlooked. I wish the justice system in the US was indeed a justice system. It fails us. It fails victims, it fails the wrongly accused, it fails those whom made a mistake and genuinely want to change their lives.
But could humans as a species be entrusted with taking their definition of justice into their own hands? Hah, I’ll leave that for everyone to decide for themselves.
Rant. Sorry.

I honor Goddess Nemesis and what she stands for. I’ve dealt with many injustices in my life and have seen people live without any punishment to fit the bill. I am going to try and find some more information on her from the library or another source offline before I start trying to contact her spirit and embark on honoring her in my practice.


Very nicely put! Thanks for all the great info! I didn’t know all that about her.


I’m glad you liked it, lol. I am terrible at relaying information, even in text. At least that’s how I feel :upside_down_face:

I wanted to do a little report on Bastet/Sekhmet, Anubis and Gaia as well.

I have so much info on Gaia it’s a little overwhelming trying to condense it lol. About a year ago, I had made a rather ceremonial ritual for Gaia including a feast and an offering. I still have yet to do it. @christina4


Love it! Especially the part about the US justice system. I am 32 (for one more day lol), have 2 college degrees & my own small business… but on the other hand, during my addiction, I became the not so proud owner of 2 felony charges. My life has since turned around, but finding a job is a battle, it took 2 months to find an apartment to rent and there are many other uphill battles. It’s hard. And I’ve worked SO HARD to change, but the justice system has stamped me across the forehead with one word -FELON- and that’s what far too many people see me as.


Thanks for sharing @janelle! The information is great and you relayed it very well! :+1:

Fun fact about Nemesis: Her name Rhamnusia comes from the Greek city of Rhamnous, where she had a sanctuary.

The historical site is very well preserved as seen here:

And thanks for expressing your views! I’ve been learning about the “New Jim Crow” and I agree with you.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly…” - Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail


Those were both good reads with great information. I didn’t have any idea about her before now. Thank you!

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I’m sorry that you’re being labeled that way even after all your hard work. :pleading_face:

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This is such a thorough and well-written introduction to Nemesis! I didn’t know nearly anything about her, but that has been thoroughly changed- thank you so much for sharing, @janelle! :pray::two_hearts:

I love this in particular:

It makes me feel that while she is a goddess of vengeance and wrath, she is more neutral than those words initially sound. She stands for honesty, justice, and fairness too! A very good goddess to learn about :open_book::blush:

I would love to read your reports on the others deities too, if you have the time and don’t mind sharing @janelle! :heart_eyes: I really enjoyed this new knowledge about Nemesis.

Everything in the world changes- time, the seasons, culture, society- everything. Of course people change too, that is a fact of life. We learn and grow, make mistakes and then improve ourselves with new knowledge. I am sorry the US justice system has been unfair to you, @haley. It sounds like you have put all your heart into turning your life around, and have attained a better place for yourself! I am proud of you- stay strong! :heart:

That island looks beautiful, @Francisco! :eyes: I would love to go there someday and visit :desert_island:

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